I have the immense good fortune to be staying with friends (Terry and Kathy) here in Seoul that I have known for well over 20-years. Friends I really like, that I have a lot in common with, and with whom I can visit comfortably for hours-on-end.

The only way that I can adequately describe where and how Terry and Kathy live is thusly :

Terry and Kathy are living a HONG KONG QUALITY LIFE STYLE.

A picture is worth a thousand words :

In the play, Evita, there is a song, High Flying Adored.

This term describes how I am feeling right now this instant.

“Houston, we have lift off. Bobba Caps and the Bobbseys are now in orbit and flying high.”

This from your Captain who had lost the zest for life basically from March the 24th 2018 until well into August, call it five months, as a result of having contracted some ill-defined malady that the Mayo Clinic Hot Line simply said .. “This is going around.”

I sure wanted a little bit more support from the staff of the highly esteemed Clinic of the Brothers Mayo than “This is going around.”

Senior citizens, the so-called-elderly, fall down. Some, maybe many of them, hit their heads on something and die-on-the-spot.

What a joke it is to tell a senior citizen, “Now be careful. Don’t fall.”

I fell in the Dubai International Airport in November of 2016 and broke my left hip.

I have been doing my absolute, utmost best not to fall. One fall and it could be “That is all Captain.”

So I come out of the men’s restroom in the Seattle, Washington, airport, literally just a few feet from the boarding area for my flight to Seoul. And in attempting to re-board the wheel chair that had transported me out to the boarding area, I began to fall. Luckily the wheel chair attendant ‘caught me’. Somehow my feet got tangled-up-with the foot pads on the wheel chair.

“Now isn’t THAT a crock?”

“You CAN run Captain, but you can’t hide.”

I am obsessed with getting over to Mongolia and then up to Irkutsk in Russian Siberia. I have this feeling that my time-is-running-out.

“Well Captain, your time IS running out. Did anyone promise you that you were going to live forever?”

On the 11-hour flight from Seattle to Seoul, I watched the absolutely, positively riveting HBO special movie about Robin Williams, ‘Come Inside My Mind’ that was 1-hour and 57-minutes in duration. Whew, what a movie! Released this past January 19th 2018, it is a vivid story about his life. His three marriages. His manic character. A don’t-miss movie IF you liked him.

“Yo! Robin! Your time-is-up buddy.”

Robin, like my only first cousins from my mother’s twin sister my Auntie Bea, Clive, Joan and Doug, all successfully committed suicide.

Lord God Captain !! How in the ever-loving-dickens did this writing turn down this very dark street like it has ?

Got it. The Robin Williams movie was VERY INTENSE. Read : It was a dark movie.

“Just a little-touch Captain, of what some will call the effects of a small, 17-hour, Jet-Lag that you are now just beginning to feel.”

“What a Crock!”

I just added, ‘What a Crock’ to my list of categories here on dot . net.

I am Smiling ..

Honest and Truly I am smiling from ear-to-ear.

I am here in Seoul, South Korea, staying with friends, traveling WITH friends (Tandy and her son Peter a former U.S.  Marine and a professional ‘stunt-man’ in the movies!) AND doing my utmost to entice Patti to come-on-ova-heah and do it a.s.a.p. as in NOW My Dear One.

I purchased an expensive set of Bose, noise-cancelling head phones a year or so ago. I only tried to use them less than a week ago. No luck. I could not get them to work. I called Bose. They said I needed to add the Bose ‘app’ to my smart phone. I said “I don’t have a smart phone.” I then went to best Buy. The Best Buy Geek Squad said that I had to pair-up the Bose Head Phones with a smart phone. My very own Nokia / Windows smart-phone called out to me “Dad. Here I am. Dad please use me Dad. I’ve been waiting several years now for you to fire-me-up Dad.” I did. I then actually ‘paired’ the Bose headphones to my Nokia / Windows smart phone blue-tooth setting. And? The Bose headphones worked. I got on the plane. We took off. I put on the head phones. Nothing. De Nada. Zippo. No sound. I put them away. 3-hours into the flight, I asked my seat-mate, who works for Microsoft in Seattle, “Kind Sir. What gives with my Bose headphones?” He took them, fiddled with them just-for-an-instant, and handed them back to me, “I don’t understand your problem. They are working fine.” They were and he probably regrets whatever he did because about every 15-minutes for the next 8-hours I’d nudge him, smile-a-broad-smile, give him a thumbs-up, a high-five, and giggle saying “You MADE my trip My Main Man.” And? With them I could really enjoy the Robin Williams movie.

Atta Boy Captain. We’re going to end this mess on the up-tick. Do it now Captain.

I will.

Smiles and Joy and Happiness.

Oh By The Way, I just published a Post on Blogspot with 101 photos.



“Yes Cap?”

“Clean it up for me now that you know-how to DO our website here.”

Over And Out .. Cap

Patti Oh Patti. Will you just look at what Terry found for me at the Base Px?”

Gatorade (Lemon-Lime), Ensure, Raisin Bran, and MY VERY OWN Food Bars.

I stayed in all day. I did NOT go out because I do not have a working cell phone. Thus no way to call for help IF I was to fall, or get lost, or or or .. “Very Good Thinking Captain. NOW press Publish Captain.

4 thoughts on “OCT 19, 18 (Part 2 of 2) .. THE VIEW FROM MY WINDOW HERE IN SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

  1. Patti Boone

    Great post and nice to see the picture from where Terry and Kathy live. Good to see all the regular things you eat and drink that Terry brought you from the base! I will try to do one very tiny correction, where you say Robins Williams rather that just Robin with no ‘s’ on the end .. it at the end of the paragraph where you are telling the Bose headphones story. It is 6am where you are now. Hope you are snuggled in! Hugs!!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      At 6am I was up and doing some TripAdvisor activities. I seem to be doing a much better (at least so far) with the Jet Lag phenomenon. Much Love. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes Korea is in an earthquake zone. There have been a fair number of significant earthquakes over its history BUT not as many as China (a far FAR larger area) and Japan (its immediate neighbor). What a city Seoul is. Almost a must-see in my opinion. Very few English speaking folks on-the-street. Smiles .. Cap

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