Time she flies. One moment we look up, and the curtain on the drama we call life is coming down.

Another busy BUSY day. I went back and added some more photos to Thursday’s Post, one in which I showed detailed photos of my apartment here.

Below are a few of the new photos that I added to that OCT 31, 2018 post.

May I make / may I offer you a suggestion? Just click onto the below link. That will take you back to the OCT 13, 18 Post. Read it again and the below photos will make sense to you. Well, I hope they will make sense to you.

If you don’t want to do the above, go back and look again at the OCT 31, 2018 Post in its entirety, below is a brief summary of the new photos I added.

I am very close to the Angara River here in Irkutsk.

Below are photos of the front or the street side of my apartment building.

I also added the below photos of the interior of my apartment to the OCT 31, 2018 Post.

The above photos show my room without bedding on the couch and the fact I have a washing machine in my kitchen. I know that no one, in their so-called ‘right mind’, is going to go back to a former post just to see if I added something to it. At the same time, I will have one post (OCT 31, 18) where I can refer back to at some future date that will completely show my Irkutsk Apartment. Oh Yes, there will be some more add-on photos coming to this post.

Today we went to the formal, official Russian Government Authority, to register me as a visitor here in Russia. I thought that we’d done this last Monday the 29th. Well we thought we did. Sergey found out that we DID NOT do it successfully. Back to square one. Now I hope I am officially registered with the government.

I spoke again this evening at a meeting.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with another English speaking Russian member of the fellowship to do a lot of work together to assist me in future talks.

Not much but it is time to say ..

Over And Out ..

From Russia With Love


“Captain we all have a question? When do you sleep? DO you sleep?”

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4 thoughts on “NOV 2, 18 .. MY IRKUTSK APARTMENT

  1. Patricia Hampel

    Hi Babakaps, it’s Patty I met you at Culvers restaurant. I no longer work there. I need a job. Do you have any connections here in Michigan. How have you been? Seems very adventurous, that’s great I’m happy you are healthy. Thank you, Patty

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow. I never know who is following along here Patty. I am in Russian Siberia. Sorry but I can’t assist you with a job. Smiles .. Cap

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