NOV 5, 18 .. WHEW

Monday, November the 5th, 2018.

For What It’s Worth .. I just published a Post on blogspot ..


Today I stayed in my apartment all day. I did not even open my entry door to peek out into my hallway landing.

Today is the first day since have been on this trip that someone else did not plan, on my behalf, at least part of my day. When someone plans even a part of one’s day, they, in fact, pretty much plan the day for you. We have to be at such-and-such a place at this time. So the rest of the day is pretty much planned around that commitment.

How nice it is that Patti is the only human being that I have heard from, and interacted with (via our many telephone conversations) today.


WHEW it sure felt good.

So what did I do today? For one thing, I slept a lot. I took (count them) three long ‘naps’. I lay down with my cell phone off so no one could interrupt one of my long (over an hour) naps.


I still feel just-a-tad weary, bone-tired is a better term. At this stage in my game-of-life, one day of quiet rest will not, in and of itself, suddenly restore me 100% to the best-me-I-can-be at age 82-years.

Could it be :

That I still have some ‘jet lag’ issues?

I know .. I know .. There are some of you out there who do not, in spite of much statistical evidence, even believe in the phenomenon of ‘jet lag’.

I’ve heard it takes one full day to recover from each hour of ‘jet lag’.

Well, there goes my excuse for holding ‘jet lag’ in anyway responsible to the fatigue I’m feeling today. My ‘jet lag’ is 17-hours (time difference between Alaska and Irkutsk). I have been ‘over here’ now for 19-days.

Could it be :

That  all of us are different and maybe, just maybe, I take longer to recover from ‘jet lag’?

Or, could this be :

Is it possible, that someone half my age, could not have kept up with the pace I have been running at on this trip to date? Let alone another someone who is age 82-years. Me Thinks that most 82-year old seniors are home, sitting on their keisters, and they too are tired a lot of the time. They too take copious naps. And they don’t do Jack-Squat.

Or, could this be :

My diet, that is, my consumption of healthy foods, is near an all-time-low for me as to quality. IF I am doing one thing correctly, it is that I am drinking almost copious quantities of liquids. I finally added eggs to my meal plan but, and this is usual for me when in Asia, I am not eating a healthy diet.

Or could this be :

Even at home, when I stand-and-deliver a talk, I give it 100%. Even at home, I am tired after speaking. Add to the fact that I am now speaking up to twice a day, to a foreign audience, through an interpreter who himself is exhausted after we speak.

Or could this be :

Even at home, writing and publishing a Post such as this one can be tiring.

Or could it be :

I arrived here in Irkutsk tired out. Did this arriving here fatigued have anything to do with my pace in Ulaanbaatar? Was it just a tad tiring to purchase 45 post cards and the 90 stamps (2 each post card) necessary. And to put said stamps on said post cards and to address them and to write them and get them into the mail. Let alone do a meeting and host two friends (get cell phones in service for them, bus passes, where to eat and what to do, etc et al).

What else could it be?

“Does The Shadow know?”

Today I cleaned out five drawers in my kitchen.

In the immediate lower left foreground below are five kitchen drawers.

The below five drawers.

They were not clean.

Now they are clean. Not just merely wiped out, no, I cleaned each one with soap and a sponge and warm water. Now they are c-l-e-a-n !

I took the Bobbseys off the floor of one closet ..

Although not a perfect solution, having them on the floor of the closet was far better than having them all jumbled together inside of my suitcase. Getting into them in a suitcase is ‘crazy making’.

I moved them into the adjoining closet.

Now I can really get into them without stooping and bending down and sorting through them all mixed and jumbled up in a pile.

Even a simple job, such as stitching the below two split rings into my coat so I can hang-it-up nicely, takes me t-i-m-e.

A night time photo of my entry door when I come home after speaking at a meeting. Being out-at-night over here borders on being an intense  experience. Let’s face it, even at home, being out at night is not the same as being out in the light of day.

Or could this be :

Just being here in a foreign culture is tiring in and of itself.


Do all of you know what a governor is?

A governor, or speed limiter or controller, is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine, such as an engine.

I have one very effective governor here in Irkutsk and I have one in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

My two governors each have names. My governor in Ulaanbaatar is named Khoso and my governor here in Irkutsk is named Mike.

My two governors each have a second name or title : Each is a Translator.

I cannot do one single meeting without each. I absolutely and I positively MUST HAVE a translator.


Khoso has a very important job and he can NOT do more meetings than his already busy schedule allows him.

Mike himself (at age 68 and going blind) is limited to just-so-much that he can do.

Today is the first day since I’ve been in Irkutsk that Mike and I have not talked nor have we had any plans. We two did not even talk just to say, “Today we have no plans.”

I asked Mike yesterday, “How are all of these people hearing about me and then contacting you and / or Sergey about having me come to their meetings and speak?”

Mike replied, “Cap everyone (here in the Irkutsk fellowship) has heard about you, even the stupid ones.

I howled when Mike added even the stupid ones  onto his reply.

Over And Out ..

At Least For Now ..

Still Smiling .. Cap

6 thoughts on “NOV 5, 18 .. WHEW

  1. Gullible

    Looks as if you’re settling in to your bright and cozy apartment. How long is your rent paid for? A month?

    Let’s see. Eggs and Russian bread would make a great fried egg sandwich. Egg salad. Hard boiled eggs. Soft boiled eggs…. Ten eggs won’t last long. Perhaps one of your friends will take you to a large grocery store where you can stock up on fruit and veggies.

    1. cap chastain

      Oh My Gullible .. I am well into my second set of 10 eggs. I promptly dropped one and was it a mess to clean up. I had no idea a broken egg on the floor will NOT clean up easily.

      Then in boiling them two broke and leaked egg insides all over the water. I still ate them, broken or not they were cooked. A final one I set down and it cracked. So I made it into a scrambled egg.

      I desperately need to find a large store, one that I can get to on-my-own, where I can do some serious shopping. My friends here will-take-me but I want to be independent.

      Smiles .. Cap

  2. Patti Boone

    Hurray for a day ‘at home’ .. all day! A day of naps and no interruptions can do wonders, but remember, one day does not catch you up for the pace you have been keeping. It would be nice if you could get to a bigger store for some healthier vittles. The Bobbsey’s look very happy in their new locale! Smiles and love. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      You betcha My Dear One. BOTH the Closet Bobbseys and I am happy with them where they are.

      I speak again tonight, Tuesday the 6th here. I did a MAJOR (and I mean a MAJOR) walk today. I will do a post immediately, just on a walk-in-my-neighborhood. I the wonderful walkway beside the Angara River. Look forward to the Post tomorrow maybe.

      I replied to Gullible about YES, needing to find a serious shopping area that I can get to on-my-own.

      Ah Wow .. ELECTION DAY IS UPON US .. Much Love .. Cap

  3. zilla

    Tuesday, November 6, 2018 – noon
    Hi Cap,
    As always great photos that give a good prospective of your travels. Out of curiosity did your friends indicate how the word gets out about your travels and visits! And is it because of your ability to provide interesting discussions in your meetings? I assume a lot of folks you encounter in the many areas you visit probably haven’t had a lot of visits by an American traveler? I think it’s great of an American traveling in Russia and there is interest in your stay and the talks that you provide! Enjoy your travels, and you seem to being just great at your young age of 82!! Keep it up!


    PS: I try to get an extra nap every now and than to give you an extra boast of energy while you travel! Ha! BTW where do get all that energy?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      To begin with, way WAY back in August of 2015, when I was in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, word got out to BOTH the Ulan-Ude and also to the Irkutsk Fellowship about me. I later found out that the members do converse quite often and actively. So it began three plus years ago. In August 2017 I actually traveled to Russia and visited Ulan-Ude. Well! Irkutsk members now were armed with reports from Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia AND Ulan-Ude, Russia about me. As to now, here in Irkutsk, October / November 2018, I asked Mike the same question and he replied thusly .. “Cap everyone here in the fellowship has heard of you.” Then Mike added .. “Even the stupid ones!” I’m flattered and humbled by it all.

      When I decided back in September to book this trip and pay the air fares, I felt I was strong enough to do it. YOU saw for yourself when you were up for a visit my general condition. Now it has proven out. I am going with great passion and enthusiasm. Naps are difficult unless I draw-a-line and state I will not be available on a certain day. I did this last Thursday and Friday, the 8th and 9th of November. NO meetings. NO outside decisions as to my doings.

      Smiles .. Your Ally .. Cap

      My energy is God Given. Where else. Go figure.

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