Suddenly today, Friday the 9th of November, my life turned a little toppsy-turvey.

With absolutely no warning whatsoever, my life here in Irkutsk took a most interesting turn.

I am moving into a new apartment next Monday the 12th of November. If you care to have-a-look-see at my new ‘digs’ then click onto the below link.–in-irkutsk.html

The above Post on blogspot will give you more details.

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Tomorrow, Saturday the 10th of November, I have been invited to go to the Lake Baikal Resort Area and give a talk.

My hosts are treating me to a hotel room Saturday night as well as all of my meals.

I’ll return from Lake Baikal on Sunday and begin to prepare to move into my new apartment here in Irkutsk.

Smiles .. Cap

Oh Yes .. Yes indeed I could practically write-a-short-story about today but I simply do not have the time to do so.

I wrote yesterday that one of my Russian friends came over to my apartment and did a lot of translation work for me. Today I set out to find a library and to print the document he put onto my thumb drive.

Below is Mike.

You would not believe :

What a gargantuan task it was for me to find a library here. I was asking many people-on-the-street where a library was and not one knew what I wanted. One said, “Yes. We have a good book store but it is far away.” I went into and out of many shops. I went into a Police Station (or something like it .. all were wearing uniforms). They took me to the door and pointed. Then out front I asked two young ladies. One called her English speaking friend who assured me the library was close. I walked and walked. No library. Two other young ladies appeared. I called Mike. Mike talked to them. Then Mike told me one of them was going to walk with me to the library. She did. I pushed a 1,000 Russian Ruble bill at her. She would NOT NOT NOT take it and bowing and smiling walked back in the direction from whence we came.

Into the library I went.

I found the computer room.

I called Mike. He told them what I wanted to do.

I got permission to use one of their computers (of course it had a 100% Russian character keyboard and all of the icons etc et al were Russian).

I inserted my thumb drive and, with a ton of help from the librarian, I actually printed the five page document my Russian friend prepared for me yesterday.

You’d think that God Almighty was right here at my side encouraging me. Four times I ‘gave up’ on the above project. Four times I resurrected myself from the ashes of utter and abysmal defeat and kept going (zig zagging all the way) more-or-less in a forward direction.

Mike called me. “Cap. Stay there. I am coming to the library.”

I gave the phone to the librarian (by now a best-friend). She pointed .. “Sit! There! Wait!”

In came Mike.

“Cap I have a wonderful apartment to show you.”

“Mike I am NOT moving.”

With tears in his eyes he pleaded, “Cap. Won’t you even look at it, IF only for me?”

I did.

Monday is moving day.

Patti. My Dear One. Please clean this up.

I’ve got to get some sleep. I have got to stand-and-deliver in a few hours.

Love and Smiles and ..

“Thank You Oh God Of Abraham.”

“All in a day’s work Little Captain.”


12 thoughts on “NOV 9, 18 .. HERE WE GO AGAIN .. SOME NEWS FOR ALL OF YOU .. I’M MOVING

  1. Tom

    Cap – We just sent an e-mail to Patti – hoping she is ok. Love all the photos from Siberia, please give WARM INVITE to ALL to meet ME @ 2020 Convention in the Motor City ! I added Irkutsk on my phone list of time zones. That would indicate that you are (I HOPE !) sleeping now – 4am Saturday 11/10/18 – sending this 11:14 am Fri. Nov. 9 from Ginny’s kitchen in NV. Please Cap – don’t try to do TOO MUCH – remember (to paraphrase an Fellowship old timer) I heard years ago “save your own behind – you can only do so much. Just sayin’- Pace your self, get plenty of REST !! your pal Tom (Tiger). You are always on our Daily Prayer List of People that we send prayers of protection to ! God Bless from the Mojave Desert.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks So Very Much Tom Tiger for your long comment. Tom .. When I am rolling .. I AM ROLLING and Tom, I AM ROLLING. After the medical issues dating back to last March of 2018 I NEVER THOUGHT I’D HAVE THE ENERGY I NOW HAVE. You have the International Time Zones correct. Trying to get the rest we all need but when I am rocking sometimes I don’t get it. IF the wheels come off then the wheels come off. You wouldn’t believe the reception I am getting here Tom. I feel like Mick Jagger must feel. I hope I handle it with the Grace that Mick does. Smiles to you and to Ginny. Your Ally, Cap.

  2. Patti Boone

    Hurrah, you found a library! I was thinking, when you went out looking, that, in your effort to describe what you were looking for, people might think you meant a bookstore. As usual, you persevered and were successful. Bless the young lady who walked you to the library, and bless the people in the library who were so helpful as you again persevered on what you wanted to accomplish. Also, bless Mike … who seems dedicated to helping you in every way. Your new digs look really nice! Smiles and love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks My Dear One. Can you visualize doing OK in the new digs? The bed and sleeping was a real issue. I feel very good about them and that is for sure. Wondering (I’ll ask you on the phone) IF you had much to clean up on the Post. Mike sure is ‘hanging in’ with and for me. What a gift. I offered to pay for Mike’s wife to join us at Lake Baikal. Mike said that his wife passed on over thirty years ago and he never found another lady to share his life with. He honored the favor I asked of him. Smiles and Love and Hugs. Cap

  3. Gullible

    A couple things in response to your posts:

    1. Don’t wait so long before you force a shutdown of your computer. Sometimes they need to be reminded of who is the boss.

    2. Follow those directions to the bookstore and get a pocket version of English to Russian translations, which should also contain the reverse translations. Barring that, a translation app on your phone (ideally) to take with your when you’re out or on your computer should give you the appropriate words which you can write down and carry with you.

    3. Maybe Patti can find a translation book if you can’t get one there.

    Anxiously awaiting the story about the new apartment!!!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Odd that the mere forced shutdown of a computer hopefully will, almost instantly, get it back-up-and-running. To their credit, the Best Buy Geek Squad 800 phone number suggested to do exactly what I did. However, hey were of no help nor assistance as to where in Irkutsk, Oblast, Russian Siberia, I should turn to for help.

      I have looked at some English to Russian translations books. First, the print was so small as to render them useless. Second, even with an English dictionary in Anchorage or anyplace in the U.S. I am not able to accurately pronounce / sound out the words as they suggest. I am not literate enough to use any app (application) let alone a translation app BUT I’ve seen them in use and yes, they seem pretty good. My little Nokia shocked me the other day when I took a photo with it and then, miracle-of-miracles, I sent the photo to a friend here. So maybe he could, maybe he would, know how to, download a translation app.

      The Story on the New Apartment : Mike and Sergey simply said that where I began was just a tad overpriced and I could do much better elsewhere. I knew that, and remotely so too did Patti, after all of the motels / hotels Patti and I have stayed at the past two years, the bed was just not going to work out. So the bed was the driving force. Not the cost. We can NOT do even a Queen sized bed. Twin beds or Kings are it for us.

      It, my former apartment, was far FAR more furnished than my new place. I am going to have to purchase a lot of things here beginning with bedding (sheets / blankets) all the way to kitchenware and an electric kettle and on and on.

      BOTTOM LINE : Mike and Sergey were right on. My new apartment is, overall, far superior to my former place.

      Smiles .. Cap

      1. Gullible

        So, you don’t have to speak the translated word. Just point to it. For instance, when you were looking for a library, you would look in the book and either point to the word, or write it down and show people. You know the Cyrillic alphabet, so no problem. A phone app would be easier.

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          You’ve got something in that I could point to a word and not even try to sound-it-out. No doubt a phone app would be nice but I don’t know how-to-do apps in general. Thanks .. Cap

  4. Gullible

    That young lady who drove you to Lake Baikal? She could do an app for you. You are already using apps on your phone and just don’t know it.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I’ll have to look into this area of apps. You mean to tell me that my little Nokia ( Windows ) phone IS a smart phone that can do apps? Smiles .. Cap

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