Today I re-visited (what I am calling ) The Irkutsk Open Air Market. You may recall that just this past Wednesday Mike and I took the Tram there and I purchased some very necessary items that I needed and wanted.

I just published a Post on blogspot about my visit today out to the market.

Tomorrow, that being Saturday the 17th of November at 11am, Mike and I are being driven out of Irkutsk to a meeting where we have been asked to speak. It truly is a ‘we’ thing. Without Mike, I have no way to present my message. It will have been a full week since we last spoke at a meeting last Saturday over in the Lake Baikal Area.

Oh How The Time She Flies.

We have been told that the drive will be about an hour and a half. I am still unclear as to how Mike is contacted about having us visit a meeting.

Short but sweet. All of the action is on my blogspot Post.

Smiles .. Cap

6 thoughts on “NOV 16, 18 .. HERE WE GO LOOP-DE-LOOP

  1. Patti Boone

    I read this post and the one over on blogspot. You really open worlds in your posts! In the upcoming drive to another meeting for you to speak soon, it sounds like you may be seeing some new territory. And, how does Mike get contacted? This sounds to me like a very in-touch, if widely spaced, group of people. Mike is likely a fixture for translating for visitors to Siberia. Smiles and hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Honestly I myself don’t know how Mike is contacted. I get the impression that this is his first ever exposure to A.A. I don’t know how many visitors come here. Those that do are likely to find and attend a meeting sans an interpreter. So Mike would not even be at a meeting ordinarily. I think Mike and Sergey set this up between the two of them. They go back years and years as long time friends with no connection between them as regards A.A. Love Cap

  2. Gullible

    What a great opportunity for you to see Siberia! Plus, you get to go home to a nice warm apartment.

    By the way, using ENglish letters, I remember seeing the word PECTOPAH in Mongolia, and recognizing it as restaurant. Of all the restaurants and lodges we had meals in, the little humble restaurant in the town on the way to the lake is my favorite, but the bacon potato salad from the Korean restaurant in US is my favorite food.

  3. Gullible

    Looked up the average temps in Irkutsk. Seems a lot like Anchorage, except it can be in the 90s in the summer months. And the record lows were recorded in December and January of minus 59 degrees. You might want to stock up on fleece and wool long johns.

    1. cap chastain

      I pretty much have what I need. Layers. 3-layers of socks in good insulated winter footwear. Long underwear topped with running pants and topped with trousers. Lots of layers up top. T-Shirt. Thermal Shirt. Turtleneck. Sweatshirt. Regular Shirt. Then a serious winter Parka with hood. 3-layers on hands. Thermal gloves with fingers. Serious winter mittens. Leather mittens as the outside layer. And I don’t plan to be outside all-that-long but have been up to 30-minutes. So far so good. Smiles .. Cap

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