I flew from Irkutsk West into Kyzyl, Russian Siberia, yesterday afternoon.



Below is a little closer look at Kyzyl.



All was well. All was swell. It was fun and it was giddy. Patti and I texted and spoke more than a few times. We were in contact when I landed safely in Kyzyl. We spoke from the automobile I was riding in with friends from the airport. All said, “Hi Patti.” We spoke from the restaurant we ate at here in Kyzyl. Again all said, “Hi Patti.”

I went to a private home. Got settled. And (I was near the point of utter exhaustion after the events of the day) I went to bed.

This morning I awoke and texted Patti. I got no reply. This is not all that unusual since Patti is living-a-life there in Anchorage.

So after waiting about 20-minutes for Patti to reply, I texted her and said I was going back to sleep. I did and slept another full hour to 8am in the morning here in Kyzyl.

I was pretty sure that by this time, well over an hour later, Patti would be available to call me. So I again texted her. No reply.


Andrej sent me the following text message :

“Cap, there was an earthquake in Anchorage. 7.0. I haven’t been able to get a hold of Patti yet.”

I don’t DO drama but let me assure each and every single one of you ..


I don’t DO panic. So I replied to Andrej that I got his text, that I too had been trying to contact Patti with no success and that I had no idea there had been an earthquake in Anchorage.

I texted Andrej the phone numbers of Patti’s most important people and asked that he call them. I then began to text them myself.

And I learned Patti was OK. That her power had just returned. That there was no damage to the condo. That she had been trying to call me.

Below is Patti’s e-mail to me :

We had a MAJOR earthquake just before 8:30 this morning that jolted me awake and seemed to go on forever, followed by significant aftershocks all day long. The power, phone, internet, went out immediately. I was able to get batteries into your little radio and so got news reports about the damage throughout the day. Lots of road, ramp, overpass damages – rock slides, collapses, windows cracked and blown out in various places around town. Schools are closed until Wednesday while they evaluate the extent of damage The power just went back on minutes ago (about 6pm). There are pictures on the floor and clutter around, but no damage that I can see. I had 16 messages on the phone when it went back on, so I have a lot of calls to return, plus I need to get something to eat.

Sigh … other than that Mrs. Lincoln, it is a great play …


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Right now I am at the library in Kyzyl. They have NO Wi-Fi. My Lenovo is NOT configured to accept an ethernet cable. So I am on a library computer with much Russian formatting BUT seem to be doing OK. I must never forget that for years and years I never had a personal laptop with me and always used library computers. So that actual life experience is standing me well.

I have no Wi-Fi at my home-away-from-Irkutsk here in Kyzyl.

So time will tell what will come down. I am speaking at a meeting in about one hour so wanted to dash into town and get online. Mike and I are staying with the daugher and granddaughter of Mike’s good friend here in Kzyzl.


More to follow tomorrow.


I will say this about my new Siberian home : To this point in time, I feel that Kyzyl is the real-deal when it comes to my expectations of what I was going to find in Russian Siberia.

2 thoughts on “DEC 1, 18 .. MY HEART STOPPED BEATING ..

  1. Tom E.

    Cap- hope you get this in Kyzyl. This is Tom, I sent an e mail to Patti when I heard about earthquake in AK.That was about noon today(Pacific)We got a reply,about 700 pm our time.All is ok,some minor hassle- phone ,electricity and internet had JUST come back on line.Patti was fine,she said a few pictures had fallen off the wall,but everything was ok at home. Good news. Sending up Prayers.

  2. Patti Boone

    Nice to be able to finally talk, twice, in the past hour. It has been a pretty tense day and now I am falling asleep at the switch … not a whole lot of rest/sleep since the first quake early this morning, and aftershocks throughout the day. I am being careful with every cabinet door I open since things are pretty scrambled inside. Nothing broke but many of the pictures either fell off the wall or are hanging at odd angles. I will be doing more straightening things out tomorrow … IF I get some sleep tonight without being jolted awake throughout the night! Nice to see your post. Nice to have 16 phone messages when my phone again worked. Nice to know from Andrej that he was able to text you about the chaos here with the quake. Nice to feel the love. And now, love to you. Patti

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