Cap still cannot get on the internet from Kyzyl, Siberia.  So, for now, I will continue to keep you up to date on our traveler.  Since I last put up a post for him, he has had another two very busy days.

Two days ago, Cap and his translator/traveling companion Mike began their day being taken to a ‘community meeting’ .  They walked into, and were surprised at being surrounded by, a full-scale production of entertainment: dancing, singing, and music, all with colorful costumes.  There was also an array of food. These festivities went on for over an hour.  Then, Cap was asked to speak to the group on the subject of recovery and their very serious and wide-spread problem of alcoholism.  He had everyone’s rapt attention.  Once this all came to a close, the lady who was spearheading this gathering then took them to a scheduled meeting with the Minister of Health for Tuva.

This Minister, in Cap’s words, was IMPRESSIVE: tall, slender, in obvious good health himself, extremely bright and eager to share ideas both with and from Cap.  This Minister also has another job .. he is a brain surgeon.  Cap said in bearing, presence and astuteness, the Minister reminded Cap of his very own esteemed hip doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, who is revered and highly praised by everyone, without exception, at Mayo Clinic.  The Minister and Cap had a very fruitful meeting.  At the conclusion of this meeting, the Minister approved a grant to set up a recovery center in the neighborhood where the earlier community meeting had been held that day.  The lady who organized that community meeting has previously been taking people into her own home to try to help them with their alcoholism.

With the conclusion of this afternoon meeting, Cap and Mike went for an enjoyable dinner and then back to their complimentary two-bedroom suite to rest up for an early start the next morning.

The next morning they were driven to an early meeting at a small treatment center in town where they met with staff and clients for Cap to speak and then answer questions.  Another satisfying meeting.  Cap said the staff people at all these treatment centers take copious notes of what he says and the materials he refers to.  They are HUNGRY for what he has to share with them.

And then .. it was off into the country .. 90 kilometers, 54 miles outside of Kyzyl, to another treatment center.  Cap took a number of photos along the way which you will hopefully see on a future post on Cap’s Blogspot site, whenever he is able to get back onto the internet, maybe not until he gets back to Irkutsk.  Upon arriving at the treatment center, Cap and Mike were taken to a comfortable ‘bedroom’ where Cap immediately took advantage of grabbing a 20-30 minute nap to recharge before being front and center again.  There was food set out when he got to the meeting room and Cap said he took full advantage of it.  Then, Cap was called upon to speak, and speak he did.  He said he had a very attentive audience of community members, clients, and staff (staff again taking extensive notes), about 40 people in all.  They then started back toward Kyzyl.

Along the way, Cap noticed a large, arched, attractive sign, and much to his surprise, the van they were in turned into this location.  It turned out to be a large restaurant/ger building which apeared to have been closed but was opened specifically for them.  Cap and Mike were ushered inside.  Behold, there were tables set up with cutlery, fancy glassware, and an incredible, elegant buffet of beautiful food.  Cap said it was DELICIOUS!  They also dressed Cap in the finery of a Tuvian King and a lady staff member was dressed as a Tuvian Queen, both having thrones upon which to sit.  I hope they got pictures of the King and Queen!  It was a very enjoyable stop, and then they headed back into Kyzyl.  By the time Cap and Mike got back to their suite, they were both exhausted and Mike was cold.  Mike went right to bed and Cap and I spoke on the phone for well over an hour catching up on his day.

I have been checking the weather in Kyzyl.  Online it says it was -12F today, going to be -20F tonight.  True Siberia!!  Brrr, colder than our 30 degrees here in Anchorage today.

Hope all is well with our followers, wherever you may be.

Smiles, Patti (in Alaska) and Cap (in Siberia)


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    1. cap chastain

      Now that I am again on-line, I will post some photos. The problem is that it will take some time to catch up with my current backlog. Smiles Gullible and Thanks for your undying support .. Cap

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