Big news of today.

Patti’s new tooth implant is in place and she is feeling it to be nice and comfortable. We’ve had January the 8th on our calendar for several months now!

Once upon a time, many MANY years ago, I told Patti : “Detroit, Michigan, at +20°F above zero can ‘feel’ much colder than Fairbanks, Alaska can ‘feel’ at -20°F below zero !”

Ah yes! One reason is : Humidity. Detroit is on a river. If you have some strong winds from the North, here it comes : wind chill.

Today is my day to take my once-a-month, 150mg Risedronate Sodium tablet, to deal with my male osteoporosis.*  IF one were to lay down during the first 30-minutes after taking it, one (call it a somewhat bothersome ) side effect is death.

Web MD says :

Do not take risedronate if you cannot sit upright or stand for at least 30 minutes after taking the medicine. Risedronate can cause serious problems in the stomach or esophagus.

Medically, IF this small blue tablet gets stuck going down it will penetrate your (wherever it gets stuck) and cause serious, and possibly drastic, side effects. It will just ‘burn its way through’ (wherever it gets stuck).

*  IF, that is, my Mayo Clinic doctor is correct in his diagnosis that I do indeed have issues with male osteoporosis. My Hong Kong doctor thinks that, at its worst, I ‘may’ have a marginal borderline issue here. To make matters worse, a friend of Patti’s took this same medicine (Risedronate) and it did nothing whatsoever for his male osteoporosis.

So here is Your Captain’s Deal on Risedronate : Standing erect and vertical, being absolutely positive that I will NOT have to bend down at all, I take the Risedronate tablet. Then I go out for a long walk of, at the very minimum, one full hour. So far, I’ve never done less than two full hours and often gone three full hours before I sit down. I have not ever laid down full out in less than five full hours.

WOW !! Talk about being just a little bit obsessive compulsive Captain!!

/ sign me / Your Mind 

Yes I will own it !! But each and every month I’ve totally enjoyed my outings and new things I’ve seen and done. In Phoenix I rode the buses (standing of course) and learned new bus routes !!

Well Sports Fans, back to today ..  Here we all are, back in Krasnoyarsk, Russian Siberia where we are having a sudden heat wave! 

Before I left the flat here, I checked the ambient outside temperature and it was .. +23°F above zero !!

“Oh my goodness!” I thought to myself, shocked out of my mind at seeing the temperature outside, “Do I even need to wear my coat?”

“Well to be safe I’ll just pretend that it is -20°F below zero !! ”

So out and off your Captain went.

This is a test question for you ‘Zilla : What do you notice in the below map of Krasnoyarsk ‘Zilla?



Very good ‘Zilla! I’m proud of you. Krasnoyarsk is basically surrounded by water so if you have some strong winds from the North blowing humid air at you, here it comes :

Major and severe wind chill !

First, I thought that the Siberian winter wind was going to knock me over. Second, the wind chill was absolutely brutal.

“Look Mrs. Siberia. I know, and I admit, and I accept the fact that, going all the way back to my first days in Irkutsk, I kind of pooh-poohed your Siberian winter weather. You can now let up a little OK?”

“It’s what I do Captain!” /sign me/ Mrs. Siberia

Since I went out pretending it was going to be -20°F, I had my serious winter clothing on. I was dressed to the max including my three sets of hand protection (leather mittens, serious winter wool mittens, surgical gloves, winter light weight gloves).

“Dad?” .. “Yes face?” .. “Dad your hands and body are warm and protected! Me your face is (literally) freezing Dad!”

I mean to shout it was cold.

“It’s what I do Captain!” /sign me/ Mrs. Siberia



While I was out I snapped some more photos of the Russian Oil Building. Like I wrote above, I DO things on my Risedronate days.



  1. Patti Boone

    I DO know, from watching you go through it, your monthly Risedronate day is an EVENT. At wind chills in Siberia practically knocking you over when you went out to do your walk, it had to indeed be a challenge. I have also been colder landing in San Francisco windy fog at +43 degrees than when I left Anchorage at a calm +10 degrees. Although Anchorage sits on the edge of Cook Inlet, when it is cold here, it is VERY dry, lacking humidity. Go figure. Glad you are done with this for another month! Smiles and love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Me too! Another month of the Risedronate has been completed. AND? I have now completed two (2) full years of taking it. My first ever tablet was in Victorville, California, in early February of 2017. So I will begin my third year next month. I wonder where I’ll be a month from now? Does The Shadow Know? I can remember like yesterday, it was IN Royal Oak, when I said that +20° here feels colder than -20°F up in Manley Hot Springs. Much Love .. Cap

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