Julia Cameron wrote the following thoughts on Page 223 of her amazing book .. ‘The Right To Write’ ..

Thank You once again Brad 49885 for the gift to me of her book.

“When we start to write, we prime the pump and the flow of ideas begins to move. It is the act of writing that calls ideas forth, not ideas that call forward writing.”


Today’s Rhetorical Question : “Does the Shadow Know what’s coming here? I know I don’t!”

THIS I DO KNOW : Today was pretty relaxed until 3pm arrived. Then it went downhill. And? For reasons I am not going to divulge here, I am not going to go into the details thereof.

Whew! Next Monday, the 14th of January, Mike and I head for Novosibirsk.



Well ! Here is some VERY interesting-to-me news.

Danny 48073 has mentioned to both Patti and me that as I continue to head generally West (Irkutsk to Kyzyl to Abakan to Krasnoyarsk to Novosibirsk) I am getting closer and closer to Kazakhstan.

Mike has been notified that the fellowship in Kazakhstan wants to know IF we will do an on-line remote talk! I sit here absolutely and positively amazed at where all of these invitations arise from. Kazakhstan?

How and what are they hearing in Kazakhstan about me?  Does the Shadow Know?

For all, and maybe even more, that you may want to know about Kazakhstan here’s your link :


Mercy Me Oh My Goodness! I just added Kazakhstan to my never ending list of categories here on dot.net. Each category can be a primary category in-and-off itself or can be a sub-category to another primary category or even a sub-sub-category.

For instance. The Russian Federation is a primary category.

Irkutsk is a sub-category under the Russian Federation.

Lake Baikal is a sub-sub-category under Irkutsk under the Russian Federation.

In establishing Kazakhstan as a category, I nearly put Kazakhstan under the Russian Federation but suddenly realized that Kazakhstan is  an independent nation and Kazakhstan is NOT part of the Russian Federation.

I’ve now written the name Kazakhstan eleven or so times and each time have had to look at it to be sure I am spelling Kazakhstan correctly!

I’ve been told that IF I were to go to Kazakhstan, there are knowledgeable people studying the issue of whether or not I would then be able to re-enter the Russian Federation.

This may seem to some of you like a small matter but, believe thee me, IF I went there and could not return to the Russian Federation it would be a major (words are failing me) issue.

THIS I DO KNOW : In 37 minutes I have got to be somewhere with Mike to try to solve the issue above that I am not free to talk about here on-line!

Smiles from an Amazed Captain and a Bemused Patti.

4 thoughts on “JAN 9, 19 .. DOES THE SHADOW KNOW?

  1. Patti Boone

    As soon as I got to the map and saw Kazakhstan, without reading any further, I Googled Kazakhstan and found out for myself that it is a separate, landlocked, country. Fascinating what Wikipedia has to say about it. It has quite the history! And, like you, I wonder … how did they get the word that you are in their part of the world??? You are on a major roll my dear one, lots of momentum. Hold on. I have the feeling that much more will be revealed yet. I am SO proud of you. And, hope the ‘issue’ you don’t want to talk about here gets resolved in your present Siberian day. Love, hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      YOU, My Dear One, know all to well about the issue. I just can not put it out on the internet for obvious reasons and ramifications there of. I remain shocked at this looming visit to Kazakhstan. At this instant, subject to change, it is a looming in-person visit and not an on-line, Skype type of meeting. Details about re-entry into Russia need to be confirmed. My magic looking glass does NOT show me remaining in Kazakhstan. I sure am learning a LOT about this neck-of-the-World-woods! Much Love .. Cap

  2. Jeanne

    I am not surprised that word of you being in Siberia traveled to Kazakhstan. Consider the many eons that the ancestors of those people freely roamed the tundra. They probably have friends and relatives all over the region. Hope that visit works out for you. Your method of travel/living should help keep you safe. I read that it’s Brits that are in danger there now.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes BUT, how many of them, or how many of their relatives near and distant, are in a program of recovery? That really narrows the window Gullible. So far I’ve never felt safer anywhere. I feel much safer here than I do ‘back home’ if you can believe that! When I came over here I did so with the concept that I may not return. EVER? That remains to be seen. One big thing is this : I look like they look and they look like I look so I don’t stand out. BUT the same stands for the Brits. Quite simply, I feel no animosity from anyone to anyone. I just don’t get the vibe people here are unhappy. Smiles and Thanks for a great comment. Cap

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