FEB 12, 19 .. TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION IS : (envelope please)


When will (give us a date please Mister Shadow? ) Patti and I stop saying, over and over and over again .. “WOWIE! Can you believe we are together here in Seoul, South Korea, and soon we’ll be heading together to Russian Siberia!”

The two of us are constantly giggling together like Elementary School children do over something that tickles their fancy.

Today was my very first day in almost four full months that I really and I truly just relaxed and let-it-all-go. No plans. Nothing. About 4:30pm this afternoon we took a short walk up the street, bought some Korean Instant Noodles and walked very slowly back to our hotel.

Patti did a lot of catching up on her e-mail having been off line for four days.

We have great Wi-Fi in our room and Patti pretty much caught up with her e-mail backlog.

I did one very important task this afternoon. Two days ago I tried, and I utterly failed, to make on-line airline reservations for the two of us to fly to Irkutsk Russian Siberia. I’d pretty well decided that, as I’ve done so far on this trip, I’d find a travel office in one of the premier hotels here in Seoul and work with them.

With neither much faith nor hope I sat down here this afternoon and decided to give it one more go. It was a somewhat long story (yes there were some glitches that I had to just keep trying to rise above), but we now have on-line, paid for, e-tickets to fly to Irkutsk on Friday the 22nd of February.

In the above mix, I extended our stay here in Seoul an additional four days. We checked in yesterday, Monday the 11th for four nights checking out Friday the 15th. I added four more nights from Friday the 15th checking out next Tuesday the 19th. We are then going to go to Incheon (which is right by the airport instead of the one hour and forty minutes from the airport where we are now staying) to stay three nights, commencing Tuesday the 19th and checking out Friday the 22nd to fly to Irkutsk.

“Patti?” .. “Will you please come over here and proof read this Post?”

Smiling .. Patti and Cap

10 thoughts on “FEB 12, 19 .. TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION IS : (envelope please)

  1. patti

    Proofread, minor corrections made, and I am still giggling about the part where you said we keep giggling over being together .. able to touch and talk without several thousand miles between us! Cheers!! And, gratitude .. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Gratitude is an understatement. I am getting shivers sitting here just thinking about us actually being together. Amazing and just what will the upcoming months bring? Let’s see what The Shadow Knows! Much Love .. Cap

  2. Tom

    So happy for you both ! Enjoy, relax, rest, and soon head on to Siberia ! All is good here in the desert. When the dust cleared from the NFL season, we showed a modest profit for the year, including picking the amazing Patriots in the Super Bowl. We will keep an eye on your posts. Via con Dios

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Tom for your keeping-an-eye on our Posts on our website here. Will the Las Vegas Golden Knights make another serious run deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs during the upcoming months. Smiles from Patti and Cap

  3. Greg de Young

    Dear Friends, Your reunion reminds me of Buck Owens, Together Again, enjoy. Patti you got out just in time. Will get out to the store today. Been feeding the birds as their food is covered. Big adventures ahead, Seoul and Siberia. We will stay tuned. Yours, Greg and Tsering

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so much Greg for all of your support and help to Patti as she passed through Seattle en route over here. Your (along with Tsering) support was wonderful. Yes Greg! DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL! STAY TUNED! Cap and Patti

  4. zilla

    Wednesday, February 13, 2019 – 1:00 pm
    Hi you two! It’s great you two are back on track and traveling together! By the way how is the weather now in your travels? Have fun and some great meals! ‘zilla

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      So good to hear from you my friend. The weather here in Seoul is just great. Clear and crisp and perfect. Smiles Ol’ Friend. Keep in touch. Meals are an issue. Much Joy to you and to Kleiner Bär .. Cap and Patti

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