Back (as in way-back) on our MAR 31st Post, in his comment dated April the 1st, in part, ‘Zilla said :

I also thought I might see one of your photo-shoots of your meals that you are having – I missed one on this visit! 

So if ‘Zilla is still-tuned-in here, below is one of our most favorite eating-out experiences :

“Arg Cap! I don’t consider Subway to be much of a fun eating-out-experience.” /s/ ‘Zilla

Every Tuesday, here in Irkutsk, our favorite Subway has their tuna-footlong on special for 249 Rubles (US$ 3.83). I don’t know that I’ve seen many Subways in the U.S. that have ever regularly had such a low price on their footlongs.

Now our friend, again IF you are still with-us-here, just click onto the below link to see some ‘Zilla Quality meals :


I hope all of you following us enjoy the above blogspot post.

Patti and Cap

4 thoughts on “APR 10, 19 .. FOR OUR FRIEND ‘ZILLA

  1. Tom

    Hi Cap & Patti ! Looks like a GREAT day at the kennel-beautiful dogs.And Subway is everywhere? Who knew ? Cap,I will try to e mail you a Det. News story my son sent me on my phone, R/E my favorite fast food- it lists/ranks the authors 10 Best Coney Islands in Michigan.It made me so hungry,I could smell the chili ! Via con Dios

    1. cap chastain

      Hi Tom – Always GREAT to get your comments. “Our” Subway here in Irkutsk has 1/2 price footlongs on Tuesdays, so that has become our Tuesday outing! Those Coney Islands in Michigan ARE a treat as well.

      Followed the Masters on the internet. Good for Tiger to finally be on top again. He has persevered through all the personal drama and physical challenges and earned his way back.

      Smiles from me and hugs from Patti

  2. Thomas Engel

    Hi Cap= just a quickie- watching CBS/ Masters.Tiger Woods has a 2 shot lead,coming right down to the wire- he looks ok- but wait,he just blew a short putt ! Stay tuned

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