Thursday, May 2nd, 2019.

As a rule, Patti sleeps-in mornings. Definition : Patti usually awakens and arises ‘around’ 12 o’clock noontime.

This is a very-good-thing for the two of us. I usually awaken and arise earlier than Patti. Definition : Say around 7am.

So I have several hours (while Patti is sleeping-in) available for me to go online and post Trip Advisor reviews. Me, sitting at the computer, is a very quiet thing  in that I don’t disturb Patti one iota.

This morning I did a Trip Advisor review of The Church of the Savior of the Holy Face here in Irkutsk. The below link will take you to my Trip Advisor review:,_Holy_Face-Irkutsk_Irkutsk_Oblast_Siberian_District.html

On Trip Advisor I have an icon that is a colored photo of a Mongolian Ger. My name on Trip Advisor is my Mongolian name : Kanbaatar.  My home airport is Ulaanbaatar.

IF any of you do to this review, click me a Thank You.

Some of you may not know how to navigate the Trip Advisor site so below are four of the 36 photos I posted.

When Patti awoke, we enjoyed our standard breakfast of cereal (corn flakes), fruit juice, a boiled egg, Russian bread with apricot jam  and there was our project for the day!

We were running out of our beloved apricot jam  and we have not been able to replenish our supply because, evidently here in Russian Siberia, apricot jam  is a seasonal item. One day it suddenly went-missing from our local store shelves.

So out-and-off Patti and I went for a nice walk beside the Angara River heading to three other local super markets to find if they have our apricot jam.

Below is a link to a prior Post (last November) on blogspot showing the walk along the Angara River.

It is a fun and an amazing experience walking along the Angara River joining the many Russians who also love the walk.

Strike One. Our first super market did not have apricot jam.

Strike Two. Our second super market did not have apricot jam.

Home run. Our third super market had one, and only one, jar of apricot jam. 

We purchased it and headed for two more super markets.

No luck at either of them.

So we decided to hop on a tram and take a ride.

“What do I see Patti?”

“Let’s get off the Tram Patti!”

“Lord God in Heaven above! Thank You for yet another, in an unending series of outstanding Tuna foot longs!”


“Since last November of 2018 I’ve wanted to do a photo shoot of the Russian tank!”

A prominent Trip Advisor attraction here in Irkutsk.

Got him! Thank You Mister Tank Number 134.

Back onto the Tram. Our final stop in our search for apricot jam.


Our final store still had four smaller jars of apricot jam.

Here is what apricot jam  looks like in Russian Cyrillic.

Home we went. Happy we are.

We also were looking for lemon flavored cough drops which we have purchased here. It was a total strike out at all of the pharmacies we shopped for them.

Fun evening at home. Patti read. We had a light dinner. I did some on line work.

There you have it.

A day in our lives here in Russian Siberia.

Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti.



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