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A few weeks ago, Chita (Чита) just idly wandered into my consciousness. I asked our sponsor / our main man here in Irtutsk, about Chita. He smiled.

Then he got serious. “Chita? Well I have some friends there.”

Then he said. We listened. Voila! The trip is About-To-Happen*.

Definition : *About-To-Happen : Patti and I have our train tickets. Tuesday morning, May 14, 2019 at 0857 hours (8:57am) we are scheduled to leave Irkutsk on our 18-hour 19-minute journey East across barren and desolate Russian Siberia on the Trans Siberia Express.

God Willing and The Creek Don’t Rise out in the vast, isolated, remote regions of Russian Siberia, we will return to Irkutsk on Thursday May 23rd.

We are in-touch (cell phone conversations, text messages, e-mails) with our about-to-be hosts in Chita.



In the below map, the left red balloon points to Irkutsk. The right red balloon points to Chita.

Center map


Center map


We could para-phrase all of the references we have checked and we could go on and on but we won’t. IF you want more information on Chita, please check out the below link from our friends at Wikipedia:,_Zabaykalsky_Krai

“Oh Captain. Oh Patti. We are worried you won’t have any food to eat, with the two of you heading further East and deeper into the vast wilderness of remote Russian Siberia.” /s/ Your loyal and your faithful followers.

Not that any of you are counting, but there are eight pages with two hundred and nine restaurants listed for Chita on Trip Advisor.

Just check out the below favorite of ours.

“Oh Captain. Oh Patti. What on earth will you two do to entertain yourselves out East and deeper into the vast wilderness of remote Russian Siberia?” /s/ Your loyal and your faithful followers.

“What to do in Chita?”

“Did you just ask what we may do in Chita?”

“Oh Captain. Oh Patti. Will you be living in a Russian Yurt or will you be camping in a tent way out there in the vast wilderness of remote far Eastern Russian Siberia?” /s/ Your loyal and your faithful followers.

Not to spoil the fun here, but we’ve been advised that a very nice flat is awaiting us in Chita. We have also been advised that a 20-litre bottle of pure water is already in the kitchen ready to quench our parched pallets after our rigorous, first class, private compartment for just we two, ride on the Trans Siberian Express.

“Oh Captain. Oh Patti. Will you be drinking Russian Vodka in Chita?”  /s/ Your loyal, concerned and faithful followers.

Definitely not!  We will be going to 4 meetings in our eight days there, in addition to all we want to see. Our speaking schedule and a translator are already arranged.



“God of Abraham!”

“How can what we are doing, what we love to do, what our lives have empowered us to do, possibly merit all of the blessings that you are bestowing upon us?”

“Grace Captain and Patti!” /s/ You Know Who

“You might want to pay a visit to one of my several Chita locations.”



“Will you be arranging 36-hour days for the duration of our Chita visit?”

More to follow.

With Great Joy and Humble Thanks For Our Many Blessings.

Patti and Cap

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