Today, Friday the 17th of May, was one extremely busy and yes, quite tiring, day for me. We opted for Patti staying in bed and sleeping-in this morning while I was out and off to visit a major hospital treatment center here in Chita. I gave a two hour talk after which I was honored  to spend some quality time with the CEO of the treatment center along with top members of his staff. He is an amazing gentleman who has headed up the center for 19-years and who has visited various treatment centers in the U.S. including the Hazelden Betty Ford Center in California.

My visit with the CEO was followed by a tour of the treatment facilities (craft shop, bedding shop, physical fitness facilities, etc). In the craft shop, the patients make various craft items including many hand-held mythical creatures. In the bedding shop, the patients make sheets and pillow cases and various bedding items. The physical fitness center would successfully rival any Gold’s Gym in the U.S.

I returned to our apartment about 1:30pm and de-briefed for a hour or so with Patti. Then I slept for over an hour and at 4:30pm, Patti and I, along with our Chita Host Olga, set off for another meeting at 5pm.

Our 5pm meeting was with an amazing group of children, ages 12 to 17-years, who are learning English in school and also in an extra-curricular setting that we visited. Olga wanted the children to meet a couple from the U.S. and to practice their English with Patti and myself. Interacting with Patti and me was far different from their normal ‘class room’ routine of learning and practicing English with teachers and one another. Patti and I were the ‘real deal’ to these bright and alert young adults.

It was one amazing experience for all of us.

At this moment I do not have time to go into details (show you their written questions and their written comments etc) but plan and promise to do so soon. In addition to their written questions / comments (successfully aimed to get the few shy ones involved) there was a lot of spontaneous give-and-take between us. It was fascinating. A real once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For now that is it.

Patti and Cap ..

Who must now get ready for our busy Saturday schedule of events.

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