Why exactly is it that I have two web sites many of you ask me ..

For openers I have to admit .. this site .. Dot Net .. is really working for me!  I enjoy the freedom to just Post very mundane .. but probably interesting to some of you .. Posts here! I tend to think of bobba caps doxology on blogspot as a more formal web site that people are primarily interested in sights and not any of my daily doings.

For instance another photo of my laundry drying facility! You have NO IDEA of how nice it is to have the roof-top clothes-drying-line to use.  A good breeze coupled with the warmth of the sun does wonders drying the items that I wash!


How about this?  What on earth could possibly be of interest in a photo of my waste paper bucket in my room?


It is not about the waste paper bucket itself! NO! It is about what might be in the waste paper bucket!  I have absolutely NO IDEA of WHO has thrown away or discarded WHAT into my waste paper bucket!  There are some very bad and highly infectious germs here. This fellow and I are going to spend several weeks together!  So it is in my BEST MENTAL (I don’t want to be worrying about him) AND PHYSICAL HEALTH INTERESTS to have him clean!

Out comes my Dettol sanitizing liquid.  Into my large bucket in my bathroom goes HOT water and a very ‘ample’ amount (read a LOT) of Dettol.  First a vigorous scrubbing down with soap and then total immersion for a few HOURS into the Dettol rich water you see in the large bucket.


NOW I can feel very safe in handling my waste paper bucket!

“The Television Set!” .. how about this in my room!

Not only do I have one .. BUT .. just last night .. for the very first time .. I turned it on and it works just fine!

It has two hundred (200) channels!  I KNOW!  I went up them .. one channel at a time .. and ‘took notes’ on what channel has what.  Basically I am ONLY interested in English Language channels.  And I found quite a few.

HOW ABOUT (can you read it in the below photo?) .. CNN! See the Logo in the lower right corner of the TV!


And how about SPORTS!  Can you see in the below photo .. the upcoming Barclay’s Match of the Week!


And on a third channel .. OF COURSE .. Soccer!  Can you see that? IF you can I am positively AMAZED!  A photo of a television channel able to be put on-line and seen world-wide!


Well how’s that for a few Odds and Ends?  Smiles .. Cap