Back, and I mean way way back  on January the 22nd of this year 2019, I wrote about Video Game Addiction and how it was becoming a serious issue in our society.

Of all things, last week I received an e-mail from someone I have never met nor even heard of.

In his e-mail this young man told me that, due to my above article, he wrote : I was inspired and I created a super detailed guide on Video gaming / Mobile gaming addiction.

He then sent me a link to his article, asked me to read it, and get-back-to-him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Men and Women, Boys and Girls, Sports Fans everywhere, the above article is really interesting.

What we have here is a real issue in our society.

Over and Out .. You all never quite know for sure what I am coming up with next now do you?


2 thoughts on “MAY 30, 19 .. VIDEO GAME ADDICTION

  1. Thomas Engel

    I went on that link – there is your answer Cap – $ 70 Billion Dollars spent on video gaming – wow-big time money. What is especially noticeable to me, you can’t pull through a parking lot & just assuming that the pedestrians are watching traffic – a LARGE % are walking oblivious to traffic, while they stare at the screen on their phones. It has to be causing many injuries.

    1. cap chastain

      Thanks Tom for your comment. Pleased you were interested enough to go on the link I put up after being asked by the author of the article on gaming addiction to assist in the effort by posting this Post.

      The now famous Watergate saying .. Follow the money. Seventy Billion Dollars ‘ is-in-it ‘ for those behind the video games. You ‘ ain’t lying ‘ Tom. People are locked into concentrating on their smart phone screens at all times in all places, walking their children looking at their smart phones while the children are looking at THEIR own mini-smart-phones!

      Causing injuries. I guess so. Drivers texting and watching games and driving. It is bad. Enough. Over and Out Tom.

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