As I continue to deal with some really severe mood swings, and the feeling that I am / or I may be heading into a depressive episode, I asked Patti just now : “Do you think that I should put a link into a dot.net Post showing my Trip Advisor Post about the Irkutsk Zoo?”

PATTI SAYS : “Go ahead and do it. At least you will give our readers a chance, a choice to click onto the link or not.”

On Trip Advisor I am Kanbaatar and my icon is a color photo of a Mongolian Ger.

When and if you do click onto the below link, when you get to Trip Advisor, you may have some difficulty navigating the site. So I am including the below photo so you will know which is the first of my photos. Let Trip Advisor load. It may take some time. When you see a large photo of white flowers, move your cursor onto it and click on it. Then below this large photo of white flowers on Trip Advisor will be a series of small photos. You click onto these small photos to bring them up into larger photos. Just begin at the left and work your way to the right clicking onto each of the small photos.

So below is a link to about thirty seven photos that I took out at the Irkutsk Zoo yesterday afternoon:


The first photo of my Irkusk Zoo photos is shown below:

PATTI SAYS : “The choice to check out my Trip Advisor Post is all yours.”

Patti and Cap

IF this effort works out, and some of you are actually successful doing this, it will enable me to provide links to other Trip Advisor Posts in the future.

4 thoughts on “JUN 9, 19 .. PATTI SAYS / PATTI SAID

  1. Catherine

    Cap, The link worked perfectly! Great photos, and I enjoyed reading your review.
    Take good care, and I still enjoy the beginning of my day checking in to see what you and Patti have been up to. Arnold retired from engineering yesterday, and is now teaching private tennis lessons to local fortunates with their own tennis courts. I’ll continue in my 3.5 day a week schedule as I am still loving my job. You take good care. Thinking of you from here… Fondly, Kit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      So happy you were able to work with the link. Some of our followers are baffled by such things. Should I start sending you links to my Trip Advisor Posts? Great Arnold has a new career. Fantastic. Thanks as always for your interest and for your support. Cap

  2. Gullible

    Severe mood swings? Hmmm.

    You are where you have wanted to be for some time and will soon be visiting one of your most favorite cities. You have Patti with you. You are older than the mountains yet you continue to travel internationally in some questionable areas.

    You still have your wits about you, even if the occasional name slips your mind for a bit. You are following your calling. You continue to write interesting posts on two blogs that are filled with photos.

    You have apricot jam and Snickers.

    Now, tell me why you are swinging into a depressive state?

    I do realize some of it is chemical, but your mind is strong enough to override that, isn’t it?

    Tough love, my friend. Tough love.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      All of it true. The ‘why’ is never answered. Can a damaged mind solve the issues that come with a damaged mind. THAT is the question here. And who are the committees inside of our minds. We get nosebleeds and then they clot and stop. So why did the nosebleed occur in the first place. Smiling Still Smiling and THANKS FOR YOUR CARING enough to post a comment. THAT COUNTS. Cap

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