Because I myself do not always know what I am going to write about, you who are following along here also never know what is coming next here on

When I am involved in actively traveling from one place to another, Vladivostok to Irkutsk last Tuesday, September the 3rd, the travel itself takes front stage. I assume you are interested to know at least some details (did I get where I was going safely) surrounding a trip. 

Then add-to-the-mix (my trip last Tuesday) the fact that I celebrated my 83rd Birthday just yesterday, and I can’t wait a month to fill you in on such a time sensitive event, it took front stage. Now it has passed. Yesterday seems like such a long time ago to me that I had to really focus on : “Was it just last night that I was up until well past midnight putting together two ( and blogspot) posts.”

Read : I was exhausted this morning.

The August 16-18 weekend Convention in Baykalsk. August 20th fly to Vladivostok. Two full weeks of activity in Vladivostok. The flight back to Irkutsk. My birthday. So this afternoon I was sitting thinking : “Yesterday I was in Taltsy. Last night I ate my Birthday Dinner at the Hotel Irkutsk. Last night I was up past midnight. Ah-h-h! This is why I am tired today.

Then this afternoon I enjoyed lunch with two of my very closest friends here in all of Russia.

Maybe I should just go-back-to-bed (I’ve taken three naps today).

My paternal grandfather (William Harvey) used to tell his wife (my paternal grandmother)  Bertha Estelle .. I ain’t a gonna do it!

“Going to go-to-bed Captain?” .. “I ain’t a gonna do it!”

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Last Sunday, September the 1st, I published the below Post showing The Golden Horn Bridge in Vladivostok. 

To refresh your memories, below is a photo of the beautiful Golden (Horn) Bridge in Vladivostok.

In the below map, the upper red balloon points to the Golden (Horn) Bridge. The lower red balloon points to the Russky (Russian) Island Bridge.


Center map


Below is a  link to my blogspot Post showing the Russky (Russian) Island Bridge.

We’ll see you over there at blogspot!

Cap and Patti 

Well done Captain! Instead of being up past midnight this evening, you’ll be in bed a few minutes before midnight. 

It’s What I Do!

4 thoughts on “SEP 6, 19 ..VLADIVOSTOK .. THE OTHER BRIDGE ..

  1. Patricia Boone

    You are going to wear yourself out just staying up until midnight or after midnight putting up posts! I know, I have witnessed, how much work goes into these posts. These bridges are obviously crucial in connecting the various parts of Vladivostok. Nice, so very nice, of the local people there to get you out to see these bridges. Smiles and love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Once again Thank You So Very Much for your comment and your interest in this, ‘our’ adventure. Amazing these bridges. Amazing Vladivostok. I am so happy that I was able to visit for two weeks. Another real ‘highlight’ of Russia. And you are correct about my ‘late night’ efforts. Much Love My Dear One .. Cap

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