This upcoming Monday the 9th of September I am leaving Russia.

Today I spent a lot of time beginning to get things in order here. Then this afternoon I participated in a Skype meeting, a first for me.

I have published a Post on blogspot showing three of the churches that I visited in Vladivostok. To see this Post just click onto the below link:

Smiles from Irkutsk..




4 thoughts on “SEP 7, 19 .. VLADIVOSTOK ..

  1. Patricia Boone

    I get really choked up thinking about your departure from Russian Siberia. You will have been there for some of each and every month in the past year. We both became VERY attached to our flat there in Irkutsk, to the neighborhood, the River Walk, the people, various other ‘favorite places’, and the other cities we visited for a couple of weeks each. It is a real tug when I think about the experience, a good tug, and I can imagine the feelings you must be dealing with as you ‘pack out’. Good, GREAT, memories!! Love and hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Choked up about leaving is one term that fits. Numb is another. Right now, at this instant-in-time, it will be a relief to actually be ON the train tomorrow with the leaving-our-Flat process complete. Of course another ‘tug’ is having to throw away so many of my Bobbsey friends that I simply can not possibly take with me. So YES INDEED there is a lot-going-on-with-me as I work through the process. Thanks so much for your support . Much Love .. Cap

  2. Tom

    Catching up Cap. I got home to NV Sept 2nd. Belated Happy Birthday. I am scrolling through your posts until I get back to the last I saw prior to Michigan trip.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Tom for the birthday wishes. Nice to see you are back home in Nevada, sunny and warm / or hot ! Happy to have you following along here. Smiles .. Cap

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