SEP 11, 19 .. A PAUSE TO REMEMBER THE EVENTS OF ‘9 / 11’ .. SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001

9 / 11

I am sorry to say that I have nothing wise nor profound to say or to write as I think back upon this dark day in the history of the United States. 

I will say this : I can vividly remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard about it. On the spot I decided that I was NOT going to get swallowed up by the media coverage because I did not want ‘horrific images’ to get implanted into my ‘mind’s eye’. And, to this day, I have not seen them nor gone back to see them.

With reverence to all who died, to their families and loved ones. 



4 thoughts on “SEP 11, 19 .. A PAUSE TO REMEMBER THE EVENTS OF ‘9 / 11’ .. SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001

  1. Patricia Boone

    9/11 a tragic day in our history. I reverently salute all the first responders and civilians who helped others and one another on that day. Those who died are tenderly remembered. Those who are still suffering from the aftereffects have my sympathy and support as well. Sigh. Patti

  2. Catherine

    Dear Cap, Today is a day I will never forget. Prayers for all.
    I continue to follow you, and enjoy your travel stories immensely.
    Take good care, and prayers for your safe and comfortable travels. My best to Patti as well!
    Fondly, Kit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      9 / 11 is indeed a day we will never forget.

      Thanks so much Kit for your interest and for following along here. Much Joy .. Cap now IN Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia .. With ?? The Mongolians !!

      Patti is relaxing and recovering from her 5-1/2 months ‘over here on the other side’! It was / it is fun and .. and .. it can be and it can also be tiring and stressful and physically demanding to the max !

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