OCT 6, 19 .. THE PARKING LOT RESURFACING .. Chapter 2 .. (And more..)

You’ve been forewarned by the above title what is coming below.

I could’ve said that for some of you it will be : Delete before reading. 

But ‘Zilla and Patti are interested and there are a few other Tidbits-For-Patti as well.


Last night, in the dark, they put down the ‘seal coat’ over the graded surface of the parking lot. 

I thought that ‘I heard-some-action’ outside of my window and I was correct.

In the below photo, if you compare it with the photo above, you can see that they have now finished ‘seal coating’ the upper sections of the parking lot.

The next two photos below are taken looking to my right up the street in front of the apartment.

This is quite a project, resurfacing the parking lot and a section of the street as well.

Now for a daylight photo or two.

Well, ‘suffering through’ the above photos wasn’t that difficult now was it?



I finally decided that I had to clean up the area by the window that opens next to the bed. As you will see, it was bad. These photos show you how much dirt and dust is in the air here in the high desert of Mongolia.

It was not a pretty sight.

Voila! It still is not beautiful but at least it is clean.

“What do you mean Dad that I’m still not beautiful?” /s/ Your window

Here are the Bobbsey’s that did-the-job.

The cut-off bottom of a water jug, a toothbrush I’d just thrown away and pulled out of the trash, and a cloth that I picked up off the ground while Patti and I were visiting the Taj Mahal in India back in January of 2016.


I really needed to get re-stocked, so I took a deep-breath, and off I went to ‘Our НОМИН (Nomin) Supermarket’.

Does it ‘look familiar’ to you My Dear One?

We’re finished. A last goodbye to ‘Our NOMIN Supermarket’.

The walk back home to our apartment. 

Some of the walk was on the above ‘good’ surfaces.

Some of the walk was on the below ‘challenging’ surfaces.

The below photos show you what I got..

And how I got it all home.

Smiling ..


6 thoughts on “OCT 6, 19 .. THE PARKING LOT RESURFACING .. Chapter 2 .. (And more..)

  1. Patricia Boone

    They are getting in under the wire with their resurfacing project. We had our first morning here today in Anchorage, Alaska with frost on the car windows. The bobbseys did a good job on the window sill. Fun to see the cloth again that we found at the The Taj Mahal. Good run on restocking your food supplies! Smiles and love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I hope that before winter arrives, that they are indeed going to lay down an asphalt pavement and, with the ‘seal coat’ in place, it looks like they will. Some child in India reading this now will ask their parents, “Mommy. Daddy. What’s a seal coat? I didn’t know seals wore coats.” I really needed to re-stock and just up-and-did-it. It seems like ‘yesterday’ that I stooped down and picked up the wash cloth at the Taj Mahal. I can clearly remember where it was. Much Love .. Cap

  2. Robert 94596

    I too am watching your road work with interest. Let’s see if they put down a lift or two of asphalt over the seal (might be a tack) coat.

  3. Tom

    Now that looks like a well stocked clean & shiny grocery store. Fall weather is upon us – time to lay in some extra staples for the days when you may not wish to walk up to the store.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Well stocked, clean & shiny store, says it all Tom. Beautiful. State-of-the-Art for sure. Yes Sir, with nights dipping into the teens, winter is on-its-way. Smiles .. Cap

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