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Well Gullible gave me a suggestion about my .. CLOTHES WASHING DRAMA .. suggesting to me that .. I wash my clothes in the shower .. either wearing them or just washing them in the shower so as not to make a water-mess all over my bathroom floor.

I don’t think that Andrej my Dot Net Web Master will mind IF I answer Gullible here in his territory on Dot Net .

IF a picture is worth one thousand words .. how about five of them?

Here we go with a (well sort of) close-up photo of the shower-head in my bathroom to prove that I DO have a shower in my bathroom. The blue lines that you can barely make-out are my ‘clothes-line’ that I used before I found the roof and a real clothes-line out in the sun and breezes.


In the below photo I tie together the shower head with the hot and cold water faucet and shower controls.  I also want you to notice the toilet so that all the photos will tie-together with the toilet as a common feature.


In the next photo below we see part of the bathroom floor.


Now I back tightly up against the wall (around to my right) at the one side of my bathroom and snap the below photo.


In the above photo .. note the ‘shower drain’ in the extreme left corner of the bathroom floor.

NOW I walk straight ahead to the wall in front of us above .. I turn around and with my back pressed tightly against the above wall to maximize the photo coverage .. I snap the below photo.


The door to your right leads into my room.

Here in India .. in general in hotels .. they do NOT have shower-enclosures! So IF I were to take-a-shower .. my entire floor is wet and slippery!  And IF I were to run my shower beyond the limit of the drain to drain all the water out .. my room floor will flood.  To minimize this the bathroom floor is recessed about one inch below the room floor.

Gullible .. for all of your NEVER-EVER-ENDING help .. I OWED YOU A REAL REPLY to your suggestion.

Smiles .. Cap

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