I continue to work on the (time consuming and intense) series of posts on blogspot showing hightlights of our year 2019 visit to Russian Siberia. Part FOUR was just published.


Real life continues. Our truck overheated (at minus 10 degrees below zero F ) en route to a meeting last Saturday the 4th. We got to our meeting and home again successfully. We spent the rest of Saturday watching the NFL playoffs. Tennessee beat New England and Houston beat Buffalo in overtime. Both games were excellent and contested to the last play.

Then Sunday the 5th the car again overheated as we drove a much longer distance to a meeting.

 After our meeting, I checked the radiator and added anti-freeze / water to top-it-off. We got home comfortably. As I opened my driver’s side door, the interior door handle came off in my hand! I had to roll my window down and reach outside to open my door.

We then watched the Seattle Seahawks beat the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints in the NFL playoffs. Again both games were excellent.

Then yesterday (Monday January the 6th) at 0’dark o’clock hours (it was minus 15 degrees below zero F ) I called our Chevrolet Dealer. He said, “Cap I can’t get you in for TWO WEEKS!” I nearly fainted. I then called a long time friend of 25 years and he said, “Bring it in Cap. I’ll squeeze you in as best I can.” He called at 1pm and said, “The door handle is fixed, I winterized your truck to minus 60F below zero and replaced a lower radiator hose that was leaking coolant.” We took a taxi to his shop and went to a 5:30pm meeting that I led. Then off to get Patti some reading glasses and home via our local Subway Sandwich Shop.

Today we attended a noon meeting, Patti had a two hour dental appointment, after which we picked up her reading glasses, stopped at Walmart, checked our mail and came home. 

I’ve year 2018 Income Taxes to do plus more appointments. We head for the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, on January the 18th to begin some medical appointments beginning January 27th.

Life goes on. 

In the above mix I managed to get two more blogspot posts published.

Yes ! I’m waiting for life to get easy. 

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “JAN 7, 20 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Greg De Young.

    Amigo, Yes, waiting for life to get easy has given me white hair. I found a treasure, all 34 episodes of the first year of Sgt. Bilko. Can’t wait. Gray and chilly these days, not bad. Later, Greg

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Have fun with your ‘treasure’ Greg. Wonderful. Gray and chilly but this weekend we have the Seattle at Green Bay NFL game. Thanks so much for checking in. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

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