Here we sit, in Victorville located in the High Desert of California (one of the most developed, if not the most developed, state in the United States) and our internet availability here at our motel is on again, off again, here again, and gone again. 

Now here is the shocking deal about this frustrating situation.

Our friends ‘Zilla and his wife (who conducts her business from their home) have the same situation. It may be a little bit better, but I’ve tried and failed to get online in their home or while there I received a warning message that their internet service provider is dangerous.

So, while at this instant the internet is great, I have the insecure feeling that IF I attempt to post a long and meaningful post over on blogspot I’ll get bounced off midway. Yes Oh Yes we can and have visited a local library here with good internet but during our days we’ve been out and about doing a lot including two day trips from Victorville to Barstow and up into the mountains (7,100 feet) of the local high country.

On the floor of the desert.

In the distance are the mountains.

We now begin our climb into the mountains.

The local residents had fresh snow the night before.

A high altitude flat land.

Real by goodness snow in the mountains.

Bear Lake

Well? I plan to post more photos on blogspot.

At least for now, That Is That.

Oh Yes. We’re going to some great meetings and I mean great meetings and absolutely enjoying the wonderful weather.

Cap and Patti

Tomorrow, Friday the 6th of March, we are driving from Victorville to Lompoc, California.



  1. Gullible

    I spent a winter-summer-winter In Big Bear Lake. In my opinion? Best climate of anywhere I’ve been. Glad you visited there.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Amazing. Absolutely, positively amazing. A winter-summer-winter in Big Bear Lake, in the High Desert of Southern California. Thanks for your comment. Cap and Patti

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