Now that I am back in Kodaikanal .. since our friend ‘Zilla sent me a few more questions (QUITE sometime ago) .. the time has come to answer them.  So here-we-go.

‘Zilla said .. A question for you, where you walk, along the area with the Calla Lilies, is that the main road through Kodai?  Are you located right down town?  I looked up the area on your map, but not too sure of your location relative to the main downtown (if there is a main downtown)?  Have you toured outside of Kodai?  Are there tourist areas to visit outside of Kodai for example, any ski areas, or chair lifts to visit the top of mountains?  With your motorcycle skills, have you considered renting a scooter for touring?  That would be exciting ?!?

Yes!  Where I walk is the absolute MAIN ROAD into Kodai. All over-the-road trucks and buses etc come up and go down this road. LET ME TELL YOU THIS: I had to be immensely careful when I was photographing the Calla Lilies beside this MAIN ROAD that I did not lose-track-of-where I was and step-back into the roadway!

The Raahat Inn was NOT downtown.  The Methodist Centre IS SMACK DAB IN THE VERY HEART OF KODAIKANAL!  YES there is a ‘downtown’.  On Blogspot .. last Monday .. 22 APR 2013 .. I put up a Post that was Part 4 of four posts rather extensively covering the downtown part of Kodaikanal.


There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that I will even vaguely consider renting anything with two wheels .. bicycle .. scooter .. motor cycle.  The other drivers and the conditions of the roads (YOU think the sidewalks have bad spots .. so too do the roads!) make this concept of me being on-two-wheels extremely dangerous.

We are at an elevation of 7,000 Feet.  You would think that there would be snow sometime during the 12-month-year but there is no snow so there are no ski areas.

I can’t speak to the areas immediately outside of Kodai as to Tourist Attractions.

YOU KNOW EUROPE .. trying to explain the roads here in Kodai to you is like trying to explain the roads in old European towns that just ‘evolved’ from trails in the past. Roads that just-wander every-which-way with no apparent rhyme nor reason.  And so far all of the ‘maps of Kodai’ I’ve seen are absolutely WORTHLESS!

ANOTHER QUESTION FROM ‘ZILLA: One question for you:  it seems as though all the roads are narrow, even the main roads and that there appears to be no curb and gutter, sidewalk, etc, other than the numerous safety hazards that you encounter?  I (and Pattie) are glad you have a “Zilla” cane to assist you, as we know falls are not a lot of fun, no matter where you travel,  especially in India!!  Secondly, I would assume since India is relative poor, not much money is spent on infrastructure, i.e. roads, etc.  On the plus side, the gardens are beautiful, including the churches and the “Tal”.

Correct on both counts.  Little money is spent on the infrastructure period.  No matter which part of the infrastructure you want to name.

NOT each and NOT every-single-road in ALL of India is a mess and narrow with no sidewalks and gutters.  BUT I would say the majority of them are.

As I  have feared would happen .. I HAVE LOST the ‘Zilla Cane not once but several times .. AND .. LUCKILY .. Internet Cafes and Restaurants have smilingly said to me as I came in .. “Sahib!  Here is your walking stick!”  Currently I HAVE IT ..

IN FACT places that have held it for me .. will ask me .. when I don’t have-it-with-me (sometimes I do not take it with me) .. “Sahib? Where is your walking stick today?”

Too tender and too caring and too nice!

BY THE WAY .. In most of the cities ALL of the three wheelers are gasoline BUT in some .. New Delhi is one .. many are now being converted to natural gas.  As I’ve said .. there are no three wheelers here in Kodaikanal.

OK ‘Zilla .. Over And Out .. Cap