A short Blast-From-The-Past ..

One year ago today, one year ago right now, I was in my beloved Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, with great friends.

Deegi (on the far left in the below photo) was at the Ulaanbaatar Airport to meet me on July the 16th, 2015. We remain close friends right up to, and including, today.

Deegi and myself.

Deegi and Cindy her daughter.

Deegi’s husband Saina is on the left in the below photo.

Dinner with Cindy and Deegi and Saina.

Oh My .. Oh My .. I don’t like to even briefly consider that I may not again in this lifetime be able to return to Mongolia.

Where was I heading when I sat down here some time ago? 

I just said to Patti .. “I never know for sure where I am going to go when I sit down here to do a Post.”

Saturday, October 17, 2020

All in all (in spite of yours truly feeling like I was shot at and missed, shat at and hit) today was a good day. Nice weather. In fact I posted a few photos over on blogspot that I snapped during a pleasant drive we took this afternoon.


The issue with my reaction to the Shingles innoculation last Wednesday afternoon continues. My left arm is red and swollen and hot from fever and bothering me no end. I saw my pharmacist yesterday afternoon and totally and completely (as in 100%) forgot, until late this afternoon, that she said to ice-it-down. I then did this and am feeling some relief. 

I over-did-it during my first physical therapy appointment yesterday and could really feel it today. Finally this evening I did a round of arm and shoulder exercises and they really helped me feel better. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sports Fans everywhere, when your right and your left arms are not-feeling-good it certainly ‘taints’ how your feel. 

Not withstanding all of the above, Patti and I did a zoom meeting at 12noon. We then followed up the zoom meeting with a Covid-19 test. Came home briefly and then headed South on the Seward Highway to check out the scenery (see the above link). We enjoyed a Subway Tuna Footlong  with hot baked beans for dinner (I slipped in two naps after we came home from our drive).

And? Here we are at ..

Sunday, the 18th of October 2020.

YES ! After an 11am zoom meeting we are going to be READY-FOR-SOME-FOOTBALL namely Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers paying a visit to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the afternoon game this afternoon.

And then? Time and only time-will-tell. More ice on the left shoulder. More exercises on the right shoulder. 

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “OCT 18, 20 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Gullible

    Aw, nice to see the friendly faces from Monogolia. A very special place.

    Maybe some Benedryl will help your recation to the shingles shot. It’s for allergies, bee stings, pollen, etc.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      YES ! Oh so very nice indeed to re-visit a few of my Mongolian friends. Thanks for the suggestion of Benedryl. The ice packs are giving me some relief. This I did NOT need. Smiling none-the-less. Cap

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