Today the HIGH SEASON rates took effect here in Kodaikanal and my room rate at the Raahat Inn DOUBLED from 800 to 1,600 Rupees per night (from $16 to $32 US Dollars).

I knew this was coming as it was carefully explained to me on March 28th when I checked in.  Last week I scouted-out a new place to stay and today I moved in.


When I go to Ooty later this week or early next week .. I am NOT going to take all the luggage I have here with me to Ooty. I did all-in-my-power to attempt to maintain the lower rate (800 Rs) with the Raahat Inn but to no avail.

With the HIGH season on hand .. rooms may become scarce.  I do NOT want to be in Ooty ‘thinking about’ what I will have to do here in Kodaikanal with respect to finding a room here when I return.  So I will keep my room and use it to ‘store’ the things I leave here.  It is well worth it to me to do this.  I want to be traveling very light on my Ooty exploration.

And I want to be able to return here on-the-drop-of-a-dime .. I just have no idea of what Ooty has in store for me.

So I am now good-to-go to Ooty.  And Conoor?  And Munnar?  Don’t be surprised if I expand this ‘short road trip’.

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Smiles .. Cap

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