Disclaimer : IF ( yes the BIG IF ) you are interested in our experience with the two Moderna Covid-19 vaccinatons and their side effects, then this Post may be worth reading. IF you are not interested, skip it.

In our Post dated FEB 13, 21, we discussed our second Moderna Covid-19 vaccination and we mentioned some possible side effects. To see the Post fully, please click onto the below link :


Below is a repeat of some of the information in the above Post.

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.. Well having now reached the second day after getting our second Covid-19 vaccination, it has become clear to Patti and I that yes, There’s something happening here (possible side effects) But What it is ain’t exactly clear.

Assumptions now come into play. We two have been assuming that any reactions to the second Covid-19 vaccination would come within the first 24-hours following our vaccinations. 

At 3:13pm this afternoon (Saturday the 13th of February), it had been precisely 24-hours since our first Covid-19 vaccinations. At 3:13pm, neither Patti nor myself had developed any symptoms we had feared (fever, headache, chills, fatigue, body aches, flu-like symptoms such as nausea etc). Yes our arms (but only very moderately) ached where the vaccination was administered but basically it was nothing at all.

Now Go Figure. About 4pm this afternoon Patti felt that : There’s something happening here, But What it is ain’t exactly clear because the bones in her right wrist began to ache. Due to after-effects from the shot ? Yes or No ? 

I will jump in going back to last night just after 12am as I settled I began to cough and my nose began to ‘run’. After-effects ? Then I went to sleep soundly with no further development including all day today.

BOTTOM LINE : At this moment we are basically symptom free. Neither of us is in any pain whatsoever. 

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OK, after one full day had passed (3:13pm Friday to 3:13pm Saturday), we (rather vaguely and hesitantly) felt maybe Patti was having some side effects following our second (and final) Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. But whatever Patti was feeling was not severe nor disturbing.

At this instant (Tuesday afternoon the 16th of February) we are approaching the end of the fourth (4th) day since getting our second Moderna vaccinations.

At approximately 4am this early morning (3:13pm Friday our second vaccination to 4am Tuesday morning) is three and one half (3-1/2) days) Patti began experiencing THE CHILLS. 

Not bad, BUT none-the-less REAL CHILLS.

Then the chills passed. Unable to return to sleep, at 6am Patti got up to read.

Some where between 6am and 8:30am when Patti returned to bed, a headache began. 

As I write these words our time is 2:10pm Tuesday afternoon. Patti’s headache is lessening BUT (just barely) Patti still is feeling a headache.

As for me, so far, nothing. So far as, day four ends, I have had NO, ZERO, DA NADA side effects.


Our side effects have come AFTER the first day. We are now approaching the end of the fourth (4th) day and now can document some real (IF only mild and certainly bearable so far) side effects.

IF, when you get your second Moderna Covid-19 vaccination, side effects may be late arriving. IF you have none the day of the vaccination, you may NOT be home free.

We hope this is of some help to some of you.

Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti

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