First Disclaimer : IF ( yes the BIG IF ) you are interested in our experience with the two Moderna Covid-19 vaccinatons and their side effects, then this Post may be worth reading. IF you are not interested, skip it.

Second Disclaimeer : I want to continue to tell The Rest Of The Story because it really upsets me when the professional news media begin a story, and then drop it cold and never finish it. I don’t want to be in that category. I like to finish a story-line once started.

At 3:13pm yesterday, Wednesday the 17th of February, we completed our fifth day since receiving our second Moderna Covin-19 vaccination. As you read this Post we are well into our sixth day.

SUMMARY : At this writing, well into our sixth day following our vaccinations, the-coast-is-clear. Patti’s symptoms of Tuesday (chills and a headache) have totally passed. So far I have not yet had any side effects that I have been aware of. 

Third Disclaimer : This Post will conclude and complete our updates about side effects from our (two each) Moderna Covid-19 vaccinations. IF some additional side effects appear, or if something of interest occurs, then we will revisit this issue with an update.

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