APR 19, 13 .. OFF FOR OOTY ..

Next Monday .. 22 April .. at 1900 Hrs (7PM) I am scheduled to leave Kodaikanal by overnight mini-bus for Ooty.  I am ‘due-into’ Ooty at 0500 Hrs (5AM).

I ‘must-be-getting-old’!  I have asked PARVEEN TRAVEL here in Kodai to find me a room in Ooty so that .. at 5AM .. and probably ‘exhausted’ from riding in a mini-bus all night! .. I will NOT then have to ‘wait-for-daylight’ to see where I can find a room!

Here are a few shots of PARVEEN TRAVEL in Kodaikanal.

YES ‘ZILLA! That most certainly IS a DOMINO’S PIZZERIA to the left of the PARVEEN Office.





My plan then will be to ‘get-my-bearings’ as to what Ooty is all about.  I MUST be back in Kodaikanal in time to catch-my-bus for Chennai at 7PM on Monday 6 May. So I DO have-ample-time to just explore Ooty.

And a resounding YES! YES! YES!  I will more-than-likely take-a-tour of Ooty.

This is the joy of keeping my room here at the Methodist Centre.


I am totally free to return any-time-I-want from Ooty and NOT have any hassle and STRESS of finding another room.

‘GULLIBLE’ AND ‘ZILLA .. I can’t help but again show you that I AM sleeping under-the-covers at the METHODIST CENTRE.


And HEY! It’s not bad at all!  Joy .. Cap