I just published a post below titled .. PUT THIS ON YOUR ‘BUCKET LIST’ .. PART IV .. and said ..


that I will ever again fly a long-haul (over 10+ hours) international flight in economy class because in addition to the Business Class Lounges and having a bed to sleep-in you get special boarding and exiting privileges and the in-flight-perks in terms of food and service are awesome.

WHICH IS TO SAY that I had a great flight from Hong Kong to Chicago. I actually stayed awake for about five (5) hours before I laid down and slept soundly for a few hours. It helped that the flight left at noon-time and not in the middle of the night.

In Chicago I was through immigration and customs very quickly IN PART because the Business Class passengers exit first ahead of the economy class passengers so arrive at immigration / customs first.  I got a taxi to Motel ‘6’ in Schiller Park near Chicago O’Hare and was IN MY ROOM within one hour (59 minutes) after ‘touching-down’ at O’Hare!  This was as-quick-as-it-gets I think.

This morning I was up and out of Motel ‘6’ and I arrived at O’Hare 2-1/2 Hours early.  Security was a 47-minute affair! Quite-the-line and early in the morning at 7AM.  I ate very well at Starbucks and McDonalds (a McFlurry was $3.54 .. is this a ‘normal price’ I ask you?) and was absolutely the first-to-board the Alaska Airlines flight from Chicago North to Anchorage.

The 6 Hour flight was in economy .. last seat in the back of the plane and it did NOT recline because it was against the restroom’s wall.  A nap-or-two or three later we were landing in Anchorage.

Patti and I went out for Steak and Caesar salads at The Cattle Company and DID THEY EVER TASTE GOOD!

It is sunny and 50 F in Anchorage .. very nice.

At 6PM here in Alaska I am feeling the ‘fatigue’ of the past two days creeping-upon me.  After all .. I was up-all-night in terms of Hong Kong time.

So for now I will sign-off!

YES ..

I AM HAPPY TO BE HOME! .. Smiles .. Cap

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