THE INDIA SYNDROME .. PART III (conclusion) ..

Well here-we-are .. you may have .. and you may not have .. read Scott Carney’s article.  You may be interested in it .. and you may not be interested in it.

I will not get into any lengthy quotes of pertinent parts of his article but IF per-chance you did read Scott Carney’s article .. then maybe you read about ‘Fous de l’Inde’ which means ‘crazy-about-India’ a term ‘coined’ by one French psychiatrist named Regis Airault back in the year 2000. Another name for this psychosis is India Syndrome.

Let me tell you all a short and 100% true recent news story here in Anchorage.

We have what are called ‘tidal mud flats’ off the shoreline of Anchorage that also go both north and south.  In Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet to the south of Anchorage .. and to some degree in the other tidal waters nearby .. we have the third most radical tidal fluctuations in the world. The tide comes in .. with sand and mud .. and the tide goes out leaving sand and mud.

IF you care so much as one-whit about your life .. you DO NOT EVER GO OUT ON THESE TIDAL MUD FLATS.

IF you care so much as one-whit about your life .. you DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING OUT ON THESE TIDAL MUD FLATS.

A man living in the Anchorage area .. age of 42 .. Harvard graduate .. University of Michigan Law School graduate .. a Captain in the United States Army JAG office here .. a WILDLY experienced veteran ‘outdoors-man’ who hiked, white-water kayaked, rock-climbed, bicycled across the United States .. with years of practical hands-on experience .. who told his brother by telephone words to the effect of .. “NO WAY are we going to walk out on the mud flats .. far TOO DANGEROUS!” .. when his brother asked him a week-or-so-ago if they could walk across the mud flats to an island during his brother’s upcoming visit to see him before he deployed to South Korea this month of July.

This above brilliant and extremely well-educated and highly-accomplished man ..


He went walking on the mud flats!


He died .. dead .. drowned .. when a vicious radical tidal surge coming into the inlet rising at a rate of 6-inches per minute swept him away as he was walking the ‘tidal mud-flats’.

My friends .. I can and I do relate to the above genius.

You see .. I firmly believe that ..


At my age of 76 years .. with all of my own knowledge of the dangers of India based on over twenty years and ten trips to India ..


How else but THE INDIA SYNDROME can you explain this?

Do any of you want to hear .. “THE REST OF THIS STORY” ?

I think that I just may have convinced Patti to join me this autumn on a trip to India!

“Pardon me ‘Zilla?” .. “Did you ask me IF two ding-a-lings make a bell ‘Zilla?”


I will rest-my-case.  Smiles .. Cap