I think we all have heard and actually experienced MANY little ‘sayings’ during our lives .. have any of you heard the below beauty?


BUT ..


Last Thursday the 1st of August .. please see the below post if you haven’t already read it .. I had cataract surgery on my right eye.  All went well.  I chit-chatted with my surgeon as he was actually performing the surgery .. and he expressed satisfaction with the operation.  Last Friday the 2nd .. I had my follow-up Post Operative check-up.  Again .. all looks great and again .. a day after the operation .. my surgeon remained very pleased with the surgery.


And this Thursday the 8th of August I will ‘do it again’ with cataract surgery on my left eye.  All of this having been said .. I need to ‘unload’ the following ..

BUT ..

These past four days have been a CHALLENGE !

Allow me to first interject that at some point after the surgery I began experiencing VERTIGO.  Good (NO! EXCECPTIONAL!) man that my surgeon is .. he prescribed for me the same medicine that I was given in the Emergency Room last 12 December 2012 (12/12/12) down in Lafayette Louisiana where I spent the day being examined for what finally was termed Benign Positional Vertigo.

Along with this unwelcome guest (the Vertigo) came a case of the chills.  My entire body began to ache as if I was having a ‘flu’ attack or a ‘food poisioning’ attack. My joints ached and my lower back (Kidneys?) began to bother me.  I felt sick-to-my-stomach.  Friday and Saturday and Sunday were .. ahhhh .. a CHALLENGE and not much fun let me assure you.  The four nights (Thursday through Sunday) were FILLED with dreams and more dreams .. most of which I was able to describe in vivid detail to Patti.

As I struggled through the past several days I kept thinking .. “Do I REALLY want to have the operation on my other eye?”  NO BUT .. I want my eyes balanced out evenly and this is my only option!

To my credit .. I DID spend a lot of time being ‘up and about’.  I KNOW you don’t want to just lie around!  Patti and I enjoyed (well I ‘sort of’ enjoyed) one of ‘Zilla’s favorite TV programs Friday night .. Restaurants Impossible on the Food Channel.  I also cut Patti’s finger nails for her (To Feel Good .. DO Good).

Saturday I was up most of the day.  Saturday evening Patti and I ‘experienced’ (as opposed to Friday night .. Saturday night I REALLY DID ENJOY the TV program) the National Football League’s 50th annual Hall of Fame Induction program. The show went-on-for-hours and was a welcome relief to my physical symptoms.  Before the show .. Patti and I went out for Nachos at one of our favorite restaurants.  This was a real ‘upper’ which we both enjoyed.

Sunday Patti and I went to an excellent late morning ‘meeting’.  Then we took a nice Sunday afternoon drive .. began to read a book together and we hung out the rest of the day. We two ‘did’ Nachos again.

Last night things finally ‘broke’.  This morning I felt ‘pretty well’.

So feeling ‘pretty well’ .. this afternoon Patti and I headed straight for the Surgery Center.  I asked the front desk staffer IF I could speak with an Anesthesiologist preferably an MD.

Snap-your-fingers quick (let me tell you all .. I feel that my ‘team’ here in Anchorage is phenomenal!) and Patti and I were in a private consulting room with ‘THE Man’ wearing his ‘scrubs’.

“How can I assist you?” he said pleasantly smiling.

The bottom line was this:

The Doctor explained the sedation process to us and absolutely assured us that my symptoms were not related to the minor sedation used in cataract surgery.  He also said that it was not-out-of-the-question that I could have possibly ‘picked up’ a bacteria or a virus that was causing my symptoms.

I already knew the Vertigo was quite probably related to my right eye being crystal clear and my left eye being blurred and foggy especially with no corrective eye-glasses being possible for my left eye because of my right eye healing.

So Thursday we do-it-again .. left eye .. your turn.

My Web Mistress Gullible dropped in on Patti and I this afternoon and she quipped .. “Cap .. you look like you need to see a doctor.”

Onward with a Wink and a Smile .. Cap

“Oh My Miss Anchorage! You sure are a ‘looker’!”