The ‘view-from-our-bedroom-window’ .. OH MY !

Winter in Anchorage 002

IF there is a way .. and believe me .. there are MANY WAYS .. that I can lock my car-keys into my automobile .. THEN I WILL FIND THAT WAY !

I could bore-you-to-tears with stories about my locking-car-keys into-my-cars stories.  The worst of which is one in which I managed to lock my keys into a rental-car TRUNK when I was about one hundred miles from civilization back in 1979.  THAT STORY I shall never forget!

Well sports-fans .. I am not exactly the ‘Village Idiot’ .. and because of the above story in which I locked my keys into the TRUNK as well as many other mis-adventures .. I began to carry (at least) two sets of car-keys with me WHEN I AM ABLE.   With a rental-car .. the-rule-is you do NOT get two sets of keys.

Yesterday in the early PRE-DAWN-DARK OF MORNING .. I went out to our car here in Anchorage and intentionally locked one set of car-keys .. the set that I used to start the car to warm the car up in the minus 12 degrees F morning .. into the now-running car.  Having the second set of car-keys in my pocket I contentedly returned to the comfort of our condo.

A view against our bedroom-window ‘looking-outside’.

Winter in Anchorage 001

When it was time-for-us-to-go .. out I went and discovered that I had .. somehow! .. in the few shorts steps between our condo and our car .. lost my second set of car-keys.

YOU ALL KNOW THE STORY .. you check .. and you re-check .. and you re-re-check all of your pockets compulsively not knowing what else to do!

I got a powerful flashlight and both Patti and myself carefully inspected the route between our front door and the car.  NOTHING .. NO SIGN of my missing car-keys.

The problem yesterday was that the ‘lost’ set of keys contained my two condo entrance keys and post-office-box key (a key that had taken me three full months to obtain from the Postal Service and one I did NOT want to lose!) etc.

Finally I gave-up and used Patti’s key to enter our .. now toasty-warm .. car.

AND THERE .. GIGGLING .. inside the car in the area of the back-seat was my other set of keys.

HAD I BEEN AWAY FROM HOME this would have been a problem.

I write and possibly bore-you-to-tears with this little tale so that you will not feel alone IF and when you experience similar adventures.

And this .. by-the-way .. is the FIRST-TIME-EVER that I have managed to lock BOTH sets of car-keys inside the car.  This is not exactly an easy-thing-to-accomplish !

Smiles .. Cap

Tomorrow .. I plan to give you all a short-update about Patti and her medical thoughts and decisions.