On this special holiday Patti and I both wish you all a




Here in Alaska we are deep in the heart of winter.  Below is the view from our living room in the autumn and now in the winter ..


Winter in Anchorage 003

If you look carefully at the top photograph .. in the distance .. you will see three utility boxes toward the left side of the top photo.  In the bottom photo you can see that the snow has almost completely buried these utility boxes.  You can also see the depth of the snow by comparing the wooden ‘planter box’ in the lower foreground in each photo.

Below are two photographs .. one coming and one going .. from our car port into our condo here in Anchorage.

Winter in Anchorage 015

Winter in Anchorage 006

In my last post ‘I promised’ you an update on Patti’s health.

At this writing .. Patti has NOT had surgery to remove her gallbladder.

For the past several months Patti had been experiencing bothersome and moderately severe headaches.  These have completely stopped.

However, while we were in Manley Hot Springs, Patti began to experience a completely new type of headache.  She could place a finger on a very specific location of her skull (it was on the left side of her head behind her left ear about the level of the top of her ear) in which she would experience a sharp penetrating pain inside of her skull.  These pains would come and go and were so bothersome to Patti that .. from time-to-time .. she had to take pain killers to provide her with relief from this symptom and so she could sleep at night.

I urged Patti to go to the local hospital emergency room fearing she was experiencing a possible brain aneurysm (what would we all do without ‘Google’!).  After several weeks of Patti living-with this situation we went to Patti’s primary care physician.  After a rather complete .. hands-on examination .. her doctor backed away across the examining room .. crossed his arms and said words to the effect of ..

“My BEST GUESS is that you slept on a hard surface and this is a result thereof.”

After gulping at the term .. this is my BEST GUESS .. the two of us assured her doctor that NO .. she had only been sleeping on pillows!

THEN WE GOT ONTO THE INTERNET .. and we learned that this is a specific type of headache called an ..


As I write these words these ICE PICK HEADACHES have also ceased.

Now back to Patti’s gallbladder concerns.  After discussing the ICE PICK HEADACHES with her surgeon’s staff .. and receiving their assurance that it would be all right to proceed with the surgery .. Patti is now scheduled to have gallbladder removal surgery in late February 2014.  This would be just over five months since her gallbaldder attack on September 19th and her gallbladder is certainly normalized and not-in-crisis.

This of course depends upon her health remaining stable during the next several months.

OK .. time to call-this-a-wrap.


Cap and Patti ..