Does this ever aggravate any of you?  The News Media will run a feature story .. and may do so for some days thereafter.  Then .. suddenly .. their ‘interest-switch-is-turned-off’ and you hear nothing more about the story that they have cleverly lured-you-into-following and you have difficulty wrapping up the story that you were interested in!  In fact sometimes I can NOT find out one single itty-bitty piece of additional new-information.  To name one somewhat recent example .. the NFL investigation into the Miami Dolphins alleged bullying of Jonathan Martin by one Ritchie Incognito lay totally silent for several months and was only recently back in the sports-news headlines.

Lest YOU accuse me of this phenomenon allow me to wrap-up one of our news-stories.

Last September 19th .. Patti had a health crisis concerning her gallbladder.  I did a complete Post about Patti’s gallbladder attack including several follow-up-posts with strong implications Patti was indeed going to have gallbladder removal surgery.

Then?  Nothing!  Absolutely and positively nothing.  Why?  Nothing had changed.

Yesterday .. Wednesday February the 5th .. Patti called her surgeon’s office and formally advised them that she was NOT going to pursue gallbladder removal surgery at least for the time-being.

Two people were pleased with Patti’s decision.  1.  Her primary care MD of a number of years who had advised Patti SEVERAL TIMES on several separate office visits to NOT have her gallbladder removed at this time.  2.  Me.

Let’s assume the gallbladder surgery would have gone well in all aspects regarding her gallbladder.  With such an invasive internal surgery there is ALWAYS THE RISK FOR SERIOUS LIFE-THREATENING INFECTIONS.

“What’s that you say Doctor?” .. “The operation was a complete success BUT the patient died!” ..

Since Patti has been 100% fine for the past (almost) five full months .. and since her last gallbladder attack was some THIRTY (30) YEARS AGO .. both her MD an I felt she may never have another attack and why risk the chance of life-threatening life-altering INFECTIONS or other surgical complications.

Shortly after calling her surgeon’s office asking to be taken-off his surgery schedule .. I took Patti out to the Anchorage International (Ted Steven’s) airport to put Patti onto her flight to Honolulu for an eight (8) day stay on Oahu Island NOT including the going and returning days.  Patti will be back home here in Anchorage next Friday the 14th of February.

Patti and a proverbial ‘slew-of-lady-friends’ (she thought that she knew or recognized about 25% of a full-flight of passengers!)are all attending an International Women’s Conference in Honolulu (today through Sunday) and staying a few extra days in a rented condominium looking out over the ocean in the tropical paradise of Hawaii!

Hockey II 011

I will call this a ‘wrap’ and sign off for now .. Smiles .. Cap