I have often complained about our news media stating ..

“Why is it the rule and not the exception that our news media seldom completes a story?”

We the readers get ‘caught up’ .. we the readers get ‘involved’ .. in a news event that is unfolding (as opposed to a ‘one-time-only’ .. ‘over-and-done’ news event) and suddenly .. with the story still very incomplete .. nothing more is ever reported.  I could but I will not go into listing countless examples of this phenomenon.

Since I dislike this in the news media .. I like to finish what I start here on my two web sites.

I have been .. for some weeks if not a month or more .. posting photo updates about our snow status here in Anchorage Alaska.  I think that this post will be my next-to-last snowmelt update.  So here we go.

I will begin with the view from our condo living room showing you all a series of recent photos culminating with what it looks like today .. Sunday the 27th of April 2014.

What beauty full winter truly is! You enjoy winter or you are unhappy in Alaska!

DSCN3924[1]One day the weather warms and the snow begins its retreat.DSCN4052[1]

DSCN4092[1]Below .. the 27th of April 2014 .. the snow out our living room door is ‘almost’ totally melted. Tomorrow it will be gone until this autumn. Look very closely way over by the far fence and you will see two tiny snow-patches.DSCN4169[1]I walked over to the above fence to show you a close up view of the snow patches.DSCN4170[1]

DSCN4172[1]Then .. standing with my back to the above fence .. I photographed our condo.  Can you recognize the three familiar trees that are always visible from our living room? The automobiles visible to the right of the below photo are in our carport.DSCN4173[1]Our Honda automobile ..’Little Silver Lady’ .. asked me to take her photo to show you all.DSCN4187[1]

Now lets look at the front of our condo. Once-upon-a-short-time-ago we had WINTER!


Hockey II 022

Today .. Sunday the 27th of April 2014 .. Miss Lovely Snow Lady .. has quitely slipped away from us!DSCN4174[1]



Looking out from our bedroom window we once had a LARGE snow disposal pile!DSCN3989[1]

That formerly majestic pile-of-snow above is no longer what-it-once-was!

CONDO 04272014 078

DSCN4175[1]Looking back from across the street at the above snow pile. Our condo is the lower ground-level window on the right side of the photo below.DSCN4181[1]


Below is a photo taken in March showing part of our carport parking area.DSCN3951[1]Then the seasons began to change.DSCN4102[1]Today the 27th of April.DSCN4183[1]

The below photos show quite-a-stunning change in one snow disposal pile.DSCN3974[1]



Looking back from up-the-street at the above ‘former’ snow disposal pile. It is straight ahead in the distance to the right of the sign. DSCN4188[1]



One week ago.DSCN4112[1]Today.

CONDO 04272014 074

DSCN4189[1]One week ago.DSCN4111[1]Today.

CONDO 04272014 073

DSCN4190[1]One week ago.DSCN4115[1]Today.DSCN4192[1]

And so the seasons and so the cycles of life continue.

With Joy .. Cap