Over at my other web site .. bobba caps doxology .. I put up a long post on June 18th 2014 titled .. THERE IS A SONG .. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.  This post is about our Alaska Aces Ice Hockey Team winning the Patrick J. Kelly Cup emblematic of being the champions of the East Coast Hockey League (or the ECHL).  So if you are interested you may want to check-out that post.




May God Bless You and May Your Soul Rest in Eternal Peace Forever Mr. Paul Harvey! .. FOR IT WAS YOU SIR! who coined and who made the term .. ‘THE REST OF THE STORY’ .. one of your famous by-lines.

Here is the ‘REST OF THE STORY’ about a very nice ‘pair-of-perks’ that our Alaska Aces have given to all of their fans this season.

In the United States and many foreign countries is a chain-of-restaurants called .. THE OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE. I will happily give-them-a-plug here and .. thanks to information that I collected from our friends at Google and Wickipedia .. provide a thumb-nail sketch of The Outback Steakhouse for you.


The Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-themed American casual dining restaurant chain based in Tampa, Florida with over 1200 locations in 23 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It was founded in February 1988 in Tampa Florida.  The Outback Steakhouse was also featured on the CBS T.V. show Survivor ending this past May 2014.

Our Alaska Aces Ice Hockey Team ‘paired-up’ with The Outback Steakhouse located here in Anchorage Alaska to provide Alaska Aces Hockey Fans with two WONDERFUL PERKS.


Our little Silver-Car is the Honda on the right side of the below photo.


Perk 1.  IF the Alaska Aces achieved forty (40) shots-on-goal during a game .. ALL of the fans in attendance at that game were given .. on their way-out-of the stadium .. a ‘chit’ good for a FREE STEAK DINNER at our local Outback Steakhouse!  Most of the games that Patti and I attended had about 5,000 fans in attendance. To give ALL the fans at a game a ‘chit’ for a steak dinner is quite a project.  Below are photos of two (of many) ‘chits’ Patti and I received for free steak dinners.


Patti and I ‘lost-track’ of how many free .. 6 ounce .. Steak Dinners we enjoyed this season compliments of the Alaska Aces and The Outback Steakhouse! IF I had-to-guess I would think we got between 8 and 10 free Steak Dinners!


“What’s that ‘Zilla? Do I have any photos of one of their steak dinners?”

HAPPY YOU ASKED MY FRIEND!  Below are several photos of different steak dinners that we two enjoyed.


I have got-to-tell-you that .. not only were the 6 ounce steaks wonderful .. so TOO were the vegetables that came with the steaks!

DSCN4382[1] DSCN4328[1]


AND!  Not only were we given the steaks and vegetables .. but we also got a ‘NIFTY’ loaf of bread to enjoy with them.

DSCN4386[1] DSCN4387[1]

“What’s that you say to me my conscience?” .. “This is a program of honesty!” ..

Patti does NOT EAT STEAK .. so Patti would enjoy one of the Outback Steakhouse magnificent salads with me as I enjoyed a steak dinner!  I can not tell you how much we enjoyed these meals together at The Outback Steakhouse.  Doesn’t The Outback look warm and comfortable in the photos below?


Oh my!  Look at Patti’s beautiful entrée sized salad!



Perk 2.  OK! OK!  I have NOT FORGOTTEN that .. long-ago up there at the top-of-this post .. I mentioned two (2) wonderful ‘perks’ that the Aces and The Outback Steakhouse provided to the fans.  In addition to the steak dinners given with forty (40) shots-on-goal .. IF the Aces scored FIVE GOALS against their opponents in a game .. we .. ALL OF US AT THE GAME .. got a ‘chit’ for an Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion!


And exactly what is an Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion?  I just happen to have snapped a few photos of several of them”





And some EXTRA ‘dipping-sauce’ no less!  OH LORD !


We two actually ate one-or-two of them all-by-ourselves and then we two shared several more of them with Patti’s niece.



“DAD .. what are you doing to us ! ?” .. /s/ ‘Our Bodies’ ..


“What’s that ‘Zilla?  Are they HEALTHY?”  .. Ah-h-h-h I shall let you decide that delicate-issue good sports fans!  Notice that the intent of The Outpost Steakhouse is that each Bloomin’ Onion is meant to serve SIX people!

Total Meal – Bloomin’ Onion
Serves 6

Nutritional Facts*
Per Serving Total
Calories 325                      cal 1948                      cal
Calories from Total Fat 240                      cal 1439                      cal
Carbohydrates 20                      g 117                      g
Dietary Fiber 3                      g 15                      g
Total Fat 27                      g 160                      g
Saturated Fat 8                      g 48                      g
Trans Fat 0.6                      g 3.8                      g
Protein 3                      g 18                      g
Cholesterol 25                      mg 149                      mg
Sugars 5                      g 28                      g
Sodium 681                      mg 4085                      mg

Patti and I have so enjoyed our Alaska Aces Ice Hockey Team’s games this past season AND our two ‘perks’.


Smiles and Much Love from the two of us .. Cap and Patti .. my good sport ..

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