Patti and I .. well at least myself .. continue to adapt to the jet lag.  When I got up yesterday to go to a 7AM meeting .. it was 3AM in Alaska.  So I felt a tad ‘sleepy’ as I sat in the meeting. Patti seems to do better with jet lag than do I.

And here I sit .. with the forever question .. do any of you reading-along-here really care about the mundane details of day-to-day life in the Big City?

Truly .. I THINK NOT ..

BUT maybe .. just maybe .. some of my friends in India are ‘practicing’ their United States English just reading along here.  God and the Good Lord Willing .. I will be seeing you all in India this upcoming late November 2014.

So far one or the two of us are attending a minimum of two meetings a day.  Renewing old friendships and enjoying the ‘Fellowship’ ..

One hour from now Patti and I are going to the 59th anniversary of a group in Redford Michigan with Tiger Tom 1968 who will be our host.

So whats-to-add .. Smiles .. Cap ..

Here IS SOME GREAT NEWS .. the State of Michigan is experiencing a very cool and mild summer temperature-wise .. the nights are wonderful for sleeping ..

The late-night-action here in Royal Oak Michigan up-town is astounding .. sitting outside on the sidewalk enjoying drinking Arnold Palmer ice tea and lemonade at Mister B’s .. OK you kids in India .. figure out what-on-earth I am talking about .. much Joy .. Cap ..