For What It’s Worth.. 39.. October 9, 2011

In Uncle Sam’s United States Marine Corps it is said.. ready on the left.. ready on the right.. all ready on the firing line..

You weapon is loaded.. your weapon is UNLOCKED.. squeeeeeze the trigger oh so slowly.. when your weapon fires it MUST SURPRISE YOU..


I WILL BE LEAVING CALCUTTA .. ON MONDAY.. OCTOBER 17th.. at 1650 Hours (4:50 PM) from Calcutta’s Sealdah Station.. on the SEALDAH-NEW DELHI RAJDHANI EXPRESS.. Train Number 12313 .. coach A1 .. Upper Berth Nr 8 ..

I am scheduled to arrive into New Delhi on TUESDAY MORNING.. October 18th.. at 1020 Hours (10:20 AM) ..

I will be taking all my things with me.. I am NOT leaving anything here in Calcutta because .. I want to and I WILL .. RE-establish my India Base of Operations back in New Delhi.. which is my usual modus-operandi .. this is how I do India.. I center in New Delhi and travel out from New Delhi.. sometimes very lightly with ONLY a backpack .. I SELDOM travel with all of my Bobbseys .. I leave a fair number of them in New Delhi in storage ..

I have to tell you all I am REALLY READY to check out of Calcutta.. with the Monsoon Rains finished.. the dirt and the filth in the air has returned..

INSIDE of my (or any that I have ever stayed in here in Calcutta) hotel room.. if you set a glass or anything upon a white surface.. in the morning when you pick the glass up there will be a white spot where the glass was and your white spot will be surrounded by a dark blackish-grey background film..

YOU GET FILTHY DIRTY just sitting still or just sleeping INSIDE OF YOUR HOTEL ROOM.. windows and doors shut.. the carbon dirt just comes in.. it is UNREAL ..

The insides of your nostrils are dirty when you wipe them with a fresh kleenex..

NO SIR NO WAY.. I did not lose anything here in Calcutta ..

Monday.. October 17th.. 1650 Hours.. Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express .. we .. Bobba and all of the Bobbseys .. ARE OUTTA HEAH ..

Much Love.. over and out for now.. Cap ..