For What It’s Worth.. 32.9.. October 2, 2011

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GOSH WAS THIS FUN.. I was standing.. in the dark of night.. outside Mother Teresa’s Mission Shantidan.. where I had just visited Mrs Kitty Brinnand.. and was waiting for my bus to take me to Sealdah Rail Station and then catch a second bus to my Hotel Circular ..

When ‘what to my wondering ears did I hear’  but .. in the dark .. a chicken cackling and fussing .. so I turned and peered behind me and I could make out a child holding two chickens ..

WITH NO ENCOURAGEMENT ON MY PART .. up she jumped and immediately ‘posed ‘ for a photo.. top row left photo .. it’s hard to see but she has TWO (2) chickens .. she then leaned down and handed the TWO (2) chickens to her mother .. see the middle photo ..  can you see their little ‘shop’ in the background.. a little shop in the dark .. my flash illuminated the photo .. can you see HOW NICELY THE MOTHER IS DRESSED .. WELL in the few seconds it took to snap these photos the rest of the family appeared and stood for the photo on the right ..

THE INDIANS LOVE.. ABSOLUTELY LOVE.. TO HAVE THEIR PHOTOS TAKEN.. so now I have new friends when I leave Shantidan..