For What It’s Worth.. 32.11.. October 2, 2011

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I would have to say that this set of seven  (7) photos shows one of the VERY BEST of all the DURGA PUJA locations that I was able to find and visit .. (remember.. the Hindi word PUJA means FESTIVAL) ..

What you have is this.. a series of arches that you pass through.. the first of the arches is the top row left photo .. study it and you will see behind it are additional arches .. so through it you walk and come to the next arch which is the second photo from the left .. IF you study this photo.. you will barely be able to see in the far distance  ‘something’  past the next arch.. also if you will look very closely at the lower right edge of the photo.. you will see some lights.. the last photo at the right end of the second row is a close up of the wall of lights that follow this second arch .. I MEAN we have a light-show here..

OK so through this second arch you walk coming to the next arch .. third photo from the left .. NOW IT IS CLEAR THAT A SPECTACULAR CASTLE awaits you off in the distance .. so through this arch you walk and WOW.. you have come to the CASTLE OF CASTLES .. and in studying this CASTLE photo you will see an entrance (toward the right center of the CASTLE) .. through which a crowd of people are entering ..  so with me you join the crowd and enter the CASTLE and WOW .. in the left photo of the bottom row .. here is DURGA and her full ‘court’ .. all figurines are in full three dimensions ..  then a closeup of DURGA HERSELF ..

I discussed the final photo at the right end of the bottom row above in photo 2 of the top row..

The crowd control was FANTASTIC.. NO PUSHING.. NO SHOVING .. HAPPY AND JOYOUS ..  JUST VERY RESPECTFUL .. and the crowd was led out a back entrance so no one had to push through the entering crowd..

On a zero to ten this was a fifty ..