Last night, with my ally Tom Engel at my side,  I placed a telephone call to Hong Kong and the Salisbury Road YMCA where I have been staying for years, dating back to 1991.  I was stunned to hear them say, “We are sorry, we are booked full for the time period August 31st to September 7th.”   I even asked for a long time associate, Joyce Lee, manager of reservations, but she was not on the propery.  As if Joyce could magically produce me a room!

Undaunted, well a little daunted, I came home and got onto the web.  Travelocity came through big time for me and I am booked into the Metropark Hotel in Kowloon at 75 Waterloo Road at the stunning low rate of only $120 US dollars a night.  I say this slightly tongue-in-cheek as I am used to the men’s dormitory at the Salisbury Road YMCA which in considerably less in cost.

Just now I e-mailed one of the front desk managers at the Salisbury Road YMCA, Alan So, who I have known for some years, and asked Alan, “Where is the Metropark Hotel and how on earth do I get there from the airport?”.  Translated, “Alan, which of the numbered busses do I catch out of the Internatioal Airport to get me there?”

I also have e-mailed the Jaising Road YMCA off Connaught Place in central New Delhi, where I have been staying since 1990, and put in my bid for a room there.  The manager has told me  that, “Cap, you can show up unannounced in the middle of the night and we WILL find you a bed!”

WHEW.. said with a longing ‘sigh’, not only can I barely wait to again walk the streets of Hong Kong and my ever beloved India, I am DREADING next February 21st, 2012, when this, my ninth trip, will be ending.

With Joy and With Love.. I sign off for now.. Cap.. from Royal Oak (suburban Detroit), Michigan