I have an acquaintance .. an elder man I know but little .. who lives in Manley Hot Springs Alaska.  In fact I know him so remotely that I don’t even know how to spell his first name correctly.  Is it Cy? .. Is it Sy? .. Is it Si (I did have a friend Silas who went-by Si) ?  His name rhymes with the word .. Hi which we use as a short form of the word Hello. So knowing no better I will alternate between .. Cy and Sy. Anyway Cy had a son named Tommy and a wife named Daisey both of whom have now passed-on.  To put it mildly .. Sy was and still is .. a pillar of the Manley community.  Bush aviator .. you name it .. Cy was it.

Some many years ago .. it was in the winter sometime .. September (winter can arrive early in northern Alaska! .. giggle giggle giggle) or October or November .. Si and Daisey drove 160 miles from Manley Hot Springs into Fairbanks Alaska.  Cy and Daisey stayed in Fairbanks for a night or two or three .. I don’t know how long.  I just know that one long ago dark intense Alaskan winter morning .. Sy and Daisey arose from their bed .. dressed .. thrilled I imagine at the prospect of flying down to Arizona to spend the winter far away from 60 degrees-below-zero temperatures in the north of Alaska and set out for the door of their (where ever .. home .. apartment .. hotel .. you pick a name !) with their baggage.

Little did Sy and Daisy know that Cy’s life was to suddenly and instanly and drastically change !

When the two of them got to the door and stepped outside .. Sy slipped and FELL down !

” Slip .. you calling THAT a slip Mate ?! ”  .. ” Oh Hi Crocodile Dundee .. so happy to have you here with me ! ”

Cy broke his hip or his leg .. I believe that Sy broke some seven (7) body items .. maybe hip or hips .. leg or legs .. maybe his back ..

Need I say that Sy and Daisey did not go to Arizona for the winter ! In short their trip instantly and suddenly with NO warning ended.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now I will take-it-up-a-notch.  Many of us here on this website know our friend and our buddy .. ‘Zilla !

I for one have known ‘Zilla for over 39 years.  So I got the-below-details from him personally.

Friday March 16th, 2012, ‘Zilla was at the Hampton Inn down in Clarksville Tennessee getting ready to go to the airport to fly to Nashville Tennesse to Salt Lake City Utah to Ontario California.  It was about 4 o’clock in the early morning.

As he headed for the door .. ‘Zilla accidently knocked his suitcase onto its side and then ‘Zilla tripped over his suitcase and FELL down!

A famous ‘Zilla long-story-short .. ‘Zilla paid holy-hell for this fall.  Rotator Cuff Surgery and you-name-it.  Unable to sleep except sitting up in his chair.  Bad really REALLY bad deal.  Instantly .. due to a FALL .. ‘Zilla’s life changed.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And another story from another friend ..

I am sorry but I had an older client I had to visit in the hospital.
She fell and no one found her for three days.
Her medical alert button didn’t function and she had to drag herself across the house with a busted face and hip.
She finally managed to knock down the wall phone. by throwing things at it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Last Tuesay .. November the 11th .. 2014 .. it was about 11 o’clock in the morning in Royal Oak Michigan .. Patti and I were about to leave (let’s call it one hour away) for the airport to fly to Seattle Washington and then here to Hong Kong.

Patti and I had this trip on-our-calendar for months.  Patti and I were eagerly looking-forward to our trip to Hong Kong.  Got it?  Patti and I were amped-up with excitement.  One short hour to go .. then off for the airport.

Upstairs in little house .. is a bedroom.


In this upstairs bedroom that I grew up living in .. is a sanded and sealed wood floor.  Got it?  On the sanded and sealed wood floor lay a cotton bath mat about 24 by 36 inches.  This cotton bath mat is 100% cotton.

So up the stairs I trotted to make my final last check of the room.  One hour to go .. hot diggety dog .. Hong Kong .. India .. here we come.

As my left heel hit the cotton bath mat resting on-top-of the smooth sanded and sealed floor ..

Instantly .. in a micro-second ! I was horizonal and then I hit the floor breaking my FALL with my hands and wrists.

Involuntarily I screamed out at the TOP-OF-MY-LUNGS! .. Patti heard me hit the floor and Patti downstairs screamed at the top of her lungs!  Andrej was already on his way up the stairs!

I lay there on-the-floor on-my-back and began taking instant inventory.  No searing no sharp pain any where. My back hurt a little but not too bad.  My wrists are sore but OK I think.  My left foot is starting to ache.  My right knee is not feeling 100%.

And I thought of Sy and of his upcoming trip .. a trip Cy never made.  And I thought of ‘Zilla and of his pre-flight fall. BUT ‘Zilla did make his flight.  In pain and not well but still .. ‘Zilla made his flight.

And .. as I lay there starting to get myself up onto my feet I decided NOT to tell either Patti nor Andrej of how bad I was really feeling.  I mused to myself .. ” IF I can get to and then through Seattle .. IF I can get to Hong Kong I will do what I may .. or may not .. need to do. I have good hospital experience in Hong Kong. ”

And there you have The Rest Of An Untold Story .. Thank You So Much For Your Life Mister Paul Harvey.

So what is the lesson here ..


Why did I survive the FALL pretty well ?  Sy and ‘Zilla in falling took bad hits and I did not.  By the time Patti and I got into Seattle things were basically fine.

You snap-your-fingers and The Curtain Of Life May Begin To Lower. That quick .. That instantly.

I have been and I will continue to mull and to ponder this.  With no answers.  With no real understanding.  We .. all of us with brains .. know we know but little.

So why write this ? .. Why share this ? .. I don’t even know the answer to that rhetorical question except this ..

I believe that God’s will is to do .. with discernment .. what is in front of us to do and to then leave the results to God.

This above life-event has been-on-my-mind intensely for the past few days!  So .. for no other reason .. because with discernment I feel what is wrong with sharing it .. I have decided to share it with all who may read it here.  Perhaps someone will get something out-of-it.  Maybe this .. put non-slip non-skid rubber padding underneath your throw rugs that are laying on top of sanded and sealed floors. When I get back to my upstairs bedroom I certainly am going to do just this.  Go figure.

Written and Posted with a Smile .. Cap ..


Thank You Oh God Of Abraham for giving to me the money necessary to afford Hong Kong China the SAR.  I have just now spent Forty Dollars and Fifty Four Cents ( $ 40.54 ) of United States money putting up two internet Posts here at Word Press and over at Google Blogspot .. Oh My !

I am not sure why I am up all day and why I am now up all night and Patti is sleeping except my body is manufacturing internal chemicals that the addicts out-on-the-street would die to have available to them.  IF Patti was up and able to ‘proof read’ this it would diminish in size I think!  The Time Has Come to slowly and gently with discernment press the button titled Publish here on this web site .. so here we all go !


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