My Location

I am currently in Arizona, USA.




3 thoughts on “My Location

  1. Laura Cancinos

    So very grateful to You and Patti! You’re such a sweet couple. I’m just sorry our paths didn’t cross while we were there for Kawika’s (David) graduation. I do look forward to meeting you~ and either way we can always communicate. David has enjoyed getting to know you both. Thank you for being such an important part of all our lives…It means more than you’ll ever know.

  2. Raj

    Dear Baba Kap
    Good Evening to you and Madam Patti!

    How are you doing? Remember you both here and will be praying for you tonight. I see your current location in Michigan…..I’ve been to that region, in Grand Rapids a few years back, a beautiful area.

    Hope you remember me…Every blessings!

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