MAR 24, 20 .. A CHECK IN

One day I will write a post and (unbeknownst to me) it will be my last one ever.

That day has not come but the happenings going on all about us sure are disturbing. The puzzling thing is that I do have a lot of photos that I can (and hope to) post on blogspot going back to our stay in Victorville, California. 

Not to worry. We are doing basically quite well and are active and getting out and about to the degree that we feel is safe, necessary and warranted. Tomorrow and Thursday Patti’s family will be active moving Patti’s brother North to the San Francisco Bay Area. Once they motor North on Thursday we’ll be free to head East all things factored into our own equation.

Cap and Patti



And may the luck of the Irish be with all of you ! 

Over on blogspot we just published our final post showing photos of our visit last Thursday the 12th of March to Morro Bay, California. If you are interested in seeing it, please click onto the below link.

Below are two photos you will see if you choose to look at the above post.

Like probably all of you reading here, Patti and I are extremely disturbed at all of the ongoing events associated with the COVID-19 virus of the Coronavirus family. Local grocery and other food stores here in Lompoc, California, were all but ransacked for food and other items this past weekend. Our meetings are being discontinued because they constitute groups larger that ten people.

A wiser man than I said the following : This too shall pass.

And so, we all hope, it does.

Cap and Patti