Speaking of covid 19 (see the above title to this Post), over on blogspot we just published a Post showing where we are getting our weekly covid 19 virus checks.

Now back to the business-at-hand.

Patti and I HAD a booked and paid for airline flight from Anchorage, Alaska, to Seattle, Washington, and then on to Las Vegas, Nevada, on this upcoming Saturday, December 5th. We then planned to continue on to Phoenix, Arizona, for medical appointments at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix scheduled and commencing in mid-December.

We have  cancelled the above reservations (airline and hotel etc). We are NOT flying anywhere this Saturday. With covid 19 cases perhaps spiking 4 to 6 days after Thanksgiving Day, we fear getting to the Mayo Clinic (with the risks associated having to pass through 3 airports and enduring 2 flights etc) and then being unable to access medical care IF they are overloaded with covid 19 cases.

Now, we are planning to re-schedule our appointments into mid-January or early February of 2021. First we have the risk of a covid 19 spike in cases due to the Thanksgiving Holiday and then the same (very real in our opinions) risk of a further spike in covid 19 cases due to Christmas.

What a mess IF we were to fly to Phoenix and then be unable to gain entrance into the Mayo Clinic because they are overloaded with covid 19 patients.

I told Patti the following :

IF we were to get the covid 19 virus, I would rather be here, at home, in our familiar circumstances around our friends here and close to our own medical team here in Anchorage than in the Southwest part of the United States (far away from home and our Alaska friends) and NOT on-the-road in Motels.

Very interesting and challenging and even difficult times WE ALL ARE EXPERIENCING.

Cap and Patti

Our morning newspapers (ours and a neighbor’s).

A nice day and view from our living room.

In these times of unrest, home is where our hearts are and that is up here in Anchorage, Alaska.


For What It’s Worth, yesterday ( ‘Black Friday’ ) Patti and I stayed in all day having absolutely no interest in venturing out into the world of wild and crazy shoppers. A good decision. A quiet day of doing some projects in anticipation of our departure in one week (December 5th) for Arizona and some medical appointments at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.

I published yet another Post (my fifth in twelve days which is not too shabby) over on blogspot. The below link will take you to that Post.

Smiles and Joy as we all embark upon the year 2020 Holiday Season.

Cap and Patti