JUN 10, 18 .. NEAR DEATH? ..

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever as to who reads Posts on this website (dot.net) and who reads Posts on my other website (blogspot) not to mention my other two (I have a total of four websites).

To make matters worse, due to the past two months of health challenges, I have been pretty much inactive on blogspot with : 1 Post in April and 1 in May, and a total of only 12 Posts this year of 2018.

Anyway, today, Sunday the 10th of June, I had a most interesting (actually a near death) experience while out for a simple walk-in-the-woods.

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So far, so very good. I am still feeling really great. In fact I can now see-my-way into making another trip to Asia. BUT, that being said, I am not going to race off and do anything suddenly. I am thinking of maybe going back over to Asia in August or even September. IF I do get back over to Asia, I will stay ‘awhile’ and that is for sure. As I write, Patti will NOT be going until her dental situation has been resolved. Then she can come over and join me. OR maybe go over with me and come back sooner than me.

Interesting. I have never been age 81-years before. I felt so down and so extremely fatigued during the period beginning March 24th and ending only a few weeks ago, that I almost had given-up-hope at ever, in this lifetime, feeling my-old-self. Now that I have ‘weathered this recent storm’, IF (and when?) another one hits me, I will know from this recent experience that there will be an end-in-sight, albeit maybe a few months away.

Smiles, Cap


It happens. Today I completely lost track of the time. Patti and I went to a noon meeting with a best of friends. Then we went shopping and just casually passed a few hours, stopping for a Frosty (thank you again Robb) at Wendy’s and checking our PO Box for mail. Then we came home and, in the National Basketball Association final round, we watched the Golden State Warriors play, and beat, the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland. Then I did some Trip Advisor work on-line and, almost exhausted out-of-my-mind after all of this action, I lay down for a full 1-1/2 hour nap. Waking up at close to 11pm, I then ate some dinner and here-I-am.

Well, where-I-am, it is still (but just barely) June 6th.

D-DAY .. JUNE 6th, 1944

On this date, one of the greatest amphibious military assaults in history took place on the beaches of Normany, France. Operation Overlord was its ‘code name’ in our military annals.

One of Patti’s dear friends sent Patti the following words in an e-mail titled D-Day Memories ..

I am remembering June 6 1994. My husband and I had spent some time in New York (stayed at Waldorf Astoria) and then left for France. We had a wonderful trip driving to Mont St Michel which is an ancient monastery on a point of land going out into the English Channel. We then drove around in the Normandy Beach area and it was the 50th celebration of the D-Day Invasion. There were lots of people on the road including some cars with American flags flying from them. We hadn’t arrived there on that date on purpose but it was moving to see all the celebration.

I am happy to realize that I am not alone in remembering this date in history.

I was age 7-years 9-months and I can clearly (if a tad vaguely) remember that something ‘really big’ was happening.

To all of those (and I include their families and loved ones) who participated in the planning and the actual execution of the invasion ..

This includes Patti’s father who was in the United States Naval Service on D-Day.




Cap and Patti