Patti and I left Anchorage at 3:45pm in the late afternoon after I (yours truly) finally got our things packed and ready to leave. Packing two weeks of food for one thing is a bit of a task. 

We had an absolutely spectacular day when we left. Brilliant sun and blue skies. However, after driving 134 miles here came the dark skies and rain. So from that point into Fairbanks we had some difficult driving, especially after it got dark. But all is well that ends well and we finally arrived at 11:25pm (well under 8 hours). For one thing, we had to endure a 35-minute road-construction-delay. Then we came upon a slowly moving military convoy that also delayed us some more. So had we not had those two incidents we might have gotten here in 7 hours (which for me is a most unusual event as I usually take 9 or so hours).

I could NOT get this website to post some photos. No matter what I did they would NOT upload.


I did a work-around and posted the photos over on blogspot (who was very happy to get some real activitiy). So IF you want to see some photos of our drive yesterday, just click onto the below link.

Smiles Cap and Hugs Patti