“Envelope please.”

“Today’s Rhetorical Question is..”

“Cap what do you do all day?”

“Oh Lordy! I’m sorry I asked! Can I take-back my question ! “

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Below are photos of the birth of Mister Box, a New Bobbsey.

I needed a box.

I got a box.

It was a tad ‘beat up’. 

“Dad! I was Shot at and missed. Shat at and hit!” said the sad little box in the trash.

Hard to see in the first photo below but he needed some gluing and some new / fresh box tape to support / renovate him. 

The 5 liter, full-of-water jugs, are pressing down on one area being glued.

Sitting on top of the above box-renovation-project are two mini trash waste baskets I made by cutting a juice carton (on the right side of the below photo) in half and fixing it up.

All of my Team of Bobbsey’s ‘stand tall’ when called upon to perform. I needed to apply some pressure on a small area of the box-renovation.

My Bright Green Nokia Cricket ‘Smart Phone’ said, “Use me Dad!” So too did the former Gatorade bottle and a coffee cup. The coffee cup shifted the weight of the 5 liter water bottle to its bottom (on the left in the photo). Combined they really put some weight on the left side of the box pressing down on the Cricket.

When finished I had a very sturdy, ‘better-than-new’, Mister Box.

“To do what with Captain?”

I needed one, small, precise area to hold all of the items I take with me when I go out. My wallet, keys, bus pass, eye glasses, over-the-shoulder bag, shopping bags, cell phones, note pad, pencil, camera, etc. 

Before ‘Mister Box’ they were getting lost-in-the-mess of stuff living on my bed! I’d get out and suddenly find I’d left something home. “Here comes the bus and my pass is home!”

Now when I come home, I can immediately put everything I took with me, into Mister Box.

The below photo shows how I am using my laptop (running Windows 10) and the Dell Desk top (running a non-genuine copy of Windows 7) together to get photos sorted and uploaded into my photo library. Two computers with two mice. Oh My. Oh Sigh. On the extreme right edge below you can see one of my new red mini trash waste baskets.

My kitchen is loving-all-of-this-action.

I now have two, 5 liter bottles of boiled water. The yellow tape on them identifies them as boiled water. It is a waste of the more expensive bottled water I purchase for drinking to also use it for things like washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc.

I don’t know why, but it really tickles me to be living with real, down-to-earth, working class Mongolians (as well as when I was in Russia). Mr and Mrs Tourist never ever see what I see and how I am able to live. Quite pleased, proud and extremely happy. The double door to my room is the one on the lower left edge of these photos.

“Lord God ! I’m hungry! I feel like a hamburger !”

“Lord God ! I could eat two of these things.”

Hush Now Patti !*

Sign me as..

One of the Luckiest Men alive..


” Cap ! This is a program of honesty ! “

Private Joke Sports Fans !

Oh Captain ! You are NOT actually going to publish this are you ?

Watch me. Just you watch me !

SEP 13, 19 .. FRIDAY THE 13th ..

Oh My .. What would we do without Google and Wikipedia and ..

For information about Friday the 13th .. Check out the below link to CNN ..

I know that I learned a thing-or-two about Friday the 13th.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now to begin this Post.

So far, I am not able to access Wi-Fi here on my laptop in my apartment. It just will not happen. Maybe Mongolian authorities won’t permit non-residents to use Wi-Fi. I don’t know. I have yet to take my laptop to the library and try it there.

Therein is the issue. I must use the Dell Desktop in my apartment IF I want to do anything on-line while in my home-away-from-home here in Ulaanbaatar.

Now to Windows 10.

Back, way, way, way back in October of 2016, I was in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates struggling with Windows 10. I wanted to replace Windows 10 on my laptop with Windows 7. 

Gullible and friends (read : Computer Geeks) in Dubai who could have made-my-wish come true strongly suggested that I stay with Windows 10 because 100% of all new software would be written for Windows 10.

So I listened and I followed their outstanding / excellent advice.

Here in Ulaanbaatar I am using an elder Dell Computer that has an operating system that is:

Windows 7, Build 7601, an unauthorized copy of Windows that is not genuine nor is it supported by Microsoft.

In spite of this, I have been successfully using Happy’s treasured Dell Desktop, in Happy’s apartment since July 20th of 2015.

“Who Captain? Is Happy?”

“Happy is my landlord and friend and Pal since we met on July 20th 2015 here in Ulaanbaatar.”

Below are photos of us taken July 20th, 2015, here in Ulaanbaatar.

It amazes me that Microsoft will allow the use of an unauthorized / unsupported copy of one of its products.

Obviously Microsoft ‘knows’ about it because they upload messages, here on the screen that I am looking at, to this effect.


Now that I am (after three years working with Windows 10) fairly experienced with Windows 10, I am very happy and extremely pleased that I stuck with Windows 10 back in October 1016.

If nothing else, now working again with Windows 7, I am finding that the uploading and the working with photographs is better (far superior) on Windows 10.

So I do a lot of my processing of photos using my laptop (which does not require Wi-Fi) and then get them onto the desktop of Windows 7 here. So far so good but I am amazed at how I have figured out how to do what I am doing. 

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Friday the 13th here in Ulaanbaatar

I dragged myself up and out of bed and to an 8am meeting here 50 meters from my apartment because I was asked to ‘please attend’ the meeting by Deegi. Five of us total. I learned that Deegi will be in China / Korea / Japan for three weeks so I am going to host the meeting. I now have a new-to-me translator (I can’t get his Mongolian name but it sounds like ‘Saw’) who seemed to understand what I was saying this morning even though Deegi was translating.

The event of my day and visit so far to Ulaanbattar was seeing Happy, my friend / landlord / Pal-of-four years, off to China on the 4:40pm train. 

Happy talking to Patti in Alaska.

I think that almost-every-female that has ever lived thinks that HER Daddy is the greatest Daddy in the world.

I am here to tell you Happy’s daughters are correct ! They do indeed have the Greatest Daddy in this world.

I counted them as they went past. There were Twenty Seven (coaches) on this train. It was two tenths of a mile (430 paces at 2-1/2 feet per one of my paces) from the station to coach number 4.

Happy, or possibly his daughter Juni, sent me the below photo which I could only access here on my e-mail on the Dell Windows 7 desktop. To get the below photo to post here, I downloaded it from my e-mail. Found it under Computer in downloads. Dragged it from downloads and dropped it onto the desktop ! Then up loaded it into my library on and Voila !

“Captain! You are misleading all of your followers into thinking that you have some idea of, now after eight years and Two Thousand Posts (1,225 on and 775 on blogspot), you actually know-what-your-are-doing.”

Of course Andrej, my Webmaster, knows better!

Yes!  This post here is my two thousand and first (2,001) Post IF you can believe that. 

Time to say Over-And-Out while I am able.

Cap and Patti who’s been with me all-the-way since my first ever Post on August 16, 2011