Some writings ago I mentioned Julia Cameron and her wonderful book.. “The Right to Write” .. thanks Brad 49855  for the gift of Julia Cameron ..

Writers do NOT sit around waiting for the inspiration to write.. on the contrary.. the ACT of writing calls forth the words..

The passage you’re thinking of from Julia Cameron’s “The Right to Write” is probably the following. It’s from the chapter titled “Procrastination,” on page 223:

“What writers tell themselves while they procrastinate is that they just don’t have enough ideas yet, and when they do, then they’ll start writing. It actually works exactly backward. When we start to write, we prime the pump and the flow of ideas begins to move. It is the act of writing that calls ideas forth, not ideas that call forward writing.”

So here we go.. trying to practice what I preach .. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. Jeanne 99631.. and many more..

IF you have been reading along here.. kind of between the lines.. I have mentioned that I have been taking medication for a lung issue .. I have gone two cycles.. five and six days.. so have taken it eleven days and have now stopped taking it .. IF one thing will launch me prematurely OUT OF INDIA.. this is it.. my lung health turning south ..

The problem is this.. I have this problem home in the states also.. I have spent up to one full month hospitalized for pneumonia.. that at age 22 years no less .. and prior to that episode.. at age 19 I was also hospitalized with it.. so I will NOT cut and run easily .. 

Fact is.. I can NOT imagine a better place to be in the world than here in Goa .. 

When I left in May of 2008 for that trip here to India.. I was so sick in the states that I wrote.. I will be in the hospital or on the plane..and I ended up going to the hospital in Hong Kong on that trip ..  with great results.. I lived .. smiles..


So i will cut it off and start another writing ..

BUT some of you have asked.. “What has happened to ‘For What It’s Worth’ ? ” ..  

well.. my get up and go.. got up and left .. last night I slept from 8PM until 7AM this morning.. and took a morning nap in mid-morning.. 

end it captain ! done ..