CRANK-IT-UP CAPTAIN .. I’M TRYING JULIA I’M TRYING .. I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of posting on dot . net ..

Thanks so much Brad 49855 for sending to me Julia Cameron’s exact words ..

The passage you’re thinking of from Julia Cameron’s “The Right to Write” is probably the following. It’s from the chapter titled “Procrastination,” on page 223:

“What writers tell themselves while they procrastinate is that they just don’t have enough ideas yet, and when they do, then they’ll start writing. It actually works exactly backward. When we start to write, we prime the pump and the flow of ideas begins to move. It is the act of writing that calls ideas forth, not ideas that call forward writing.”

As I explained in a previous post .. my neighbor Amaraa showed me how to get to the post office in downtown Ulaanbaatar by actually going with me. “Cap catch the Number 27 Bus.”


Being Mongolian Amaraa knows the Mongolian Educational Technique .. “Cap catch the Number 27 Bus.”  Being Mongolian Amaraa did not have to join the United States Marine Corps who themselves learned this Mongolian technique.


Then .. through trial-and-error .. I discovered that the Number 23 and the M-4 buses also go downtown.

Last Saturday off I went to my bus stop to go downtown to mail some post cards. I waited for my Numbers 23 / 27 and M-4 buses. And I waited some more. A crowd was gathering around me. For one half an hour I waited and I concluded .. as the crowd at the bus stop was growing ever larger around me ..

That something-is-happening here and what it is ain’t exactly clear to me.

I also noticed that some of the other prospective passengers were also getting disconcerted and they were finally just jumping onto other buses.

So I did this .. when I saw a small crowd of people going-for the Number 1 bus I hopped-on-with-them.



Wonder-Of-Wonders I asked a nice lady who had given me her seat .. “Does this bus go to the Blue Sky Building downtown?”


Smiling and speaking English (another Wonder-Of-Wonders) she said .. “Yes it sure does.”

Now I have gotten myself downtown at the proper exit bus stop. What to do.

What I did was I just stood at the downtown bus stop and watched all of the incoming buses. Wonder-Of-Wonders there was not one single familiar numbered bus coming into the stop.

LORD GOD OF ABRAHAM .. Have all of the Ulaanbaatar bus routes been changed to totally new bus routes?

“Captain you are indeed keeping-up. Yes all bus routes are new as of today.”

I am now back to square one .. and I did not even get to Pass Go .. SMALL CHILD IN INDIA .. LEARN THE MONOPOLY GAME DEAR ONE ..

I now had to determine all-over-again which were the proper buses for me to catch to go to downtown Ulaanbattar to post YOUR post cards.

I have a process that I have developed over-the-years in foreign countries.

First I must find just one time one route that will take me to the bus stop I need to go to. Amaraa helped me the first time. Now I am on-my-own. I have gotten .. via the Number 1 bus .. where I need to be to go to the Post Office.


Notice if-you-will its name .. It spoke to me saying .. “Dad .. Take a photo of my name. I really like my name Dad.” .. Sigh .. GIGGLE . Knowing his name helps me find it on the sides of the buses that show their route .. Then I know I am on the right bus ..


I must capture these sunny-day photos for all of eternity ..


Now that I am at the proper destination bus stop .. I stand there for about one hour and I note each and every bus number that comes into this particular bus stop.  By standing for one hour I also determine the frequency of the buses. Then I go home to my bus stop near my building and do the same thing. Then being armed with two sets of bus numbers .. I just find the ones that go to each of my bus stops and bingo .. I have a new list.

“Dad!” .. “Yes Mister Number 1 Bus?” .. “Aren’t you going to tell them about us Dad? You showed one photo of the new us. Show them some more of us Dad!”

Ulaanbaatar has gotten some new buses ..

Below is one of the elder buses .. Most of which are still in service .. This is an old photo .. Now they all have completely new numbers .


Ulaanbaatar has got to be so proud of its new .. Articulated Configuration Buses .. they are absolutely and they are positively magnificent ..


These two above and below photos were taken at my downtown bus stop ..


The below two photos were taken out at my apartment building bus stop ..



Will you just look at the interior of the new buses .. Beautiful ..


Patti do you see what I meant when I said it was safe for me to use my cell phone on the bus because pick pockets work in crowds where they can guarantee you will be distracted.

Well .. That Is That Says Baba Kaps .. Sitting Back Down On His Stone .. Fixing To Spend One Hundred Years .. Of Talking To God Alone .. SHEL SILVERSTEIN ..

Much Joy .. Baba Kanbaatar ..

This Post is on-top-of the below Post dated AUG 16, 15 .. In case you have not already read it you may wish to keep scrolling down ..

2 thoughts on “AUG 17, 15 .. CRANK-IT-UP CAPTAIN .. I’M TRYING JULIA I’M TRYING ..

  1. Patti

    I have not gotten it straight yet whether it is Amaara or Amaraa … but your first picture here shows her and her very pretty umbrella. What a HUGE blessing that she ‘escorted’ you on the bus so that you could find the main post office downtown … post offices are SO important to you! And the new double bend-in-the-middle, bright, shiny buses are really pretty. Great that you have the new numbering system down! Love and hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      It is Amaraa .. I may have simply mis-spelled her name .. I will go back and check .. Another mis-spelling I am dealing with is .. Sukhbaatar .. I keep trying to spell it Suhkbaatar which is incorrect. Did you notice that I changed the link from .. Ulaanbaatar (Ulaan Baatar) to Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) .. I have some shocking yet phenomenal numbering of the buses to share . I rely on you to pickup these tid-bit errors .. The new buses are so nice .. Much Love .. Cap ..

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