HUSH NOW .. Gullible ..


IF you were living on instant noodles ..


Popcorn ..


Snicker’s Mini Food Bars ..


IF you were eating what I am eating you would also be writing about what I am writing about ..

WHAT? .. 

From time-to-time I am asked about all of these names that I am using. I decided to clarify this so that I can simply refer people back to this post regarding future questions.

I currently am using six (6) identifying names* in conjunction with myself. Will more follow? Who Knows. Does the Shaddow know? I just dated myself back to my birth year of 1936 and all of those old-time classic radio programs in the United States. I am NO Spring Chicken sport’s fans. I have entered into my eightieth (80th) year of living.

Here are the six (6) names* that I am calling myself .. 1. Cap .. which is short for Little Captain 2. Captain  3. Bobba Caps .. 4. Baba Kaps .. 5. Kanbaatar .. 6.  Stewart.

* I very SELDOM use my given name of Stewart.

I will begin by explaining my most recent ‘nickname’ .. 5. Kanbaatar .

I now have a residence in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia and I have adopted a Mongolian ‘nick name’.

My primary ‘nick name’ is 1. Cap with a ‘C’.  When I first arrived in Mongolia I was given a name-tag that read Kan .. So it looks to me like C in English is a K in Mongolian and the P is an N in Mongolian.


Each of these photos were taken in Mongolian Gers ..


Add-to-the-mix .. The National Hero of Mongolia is Chinggis Khaan (1162 to 1227) ..


As Kan I consider myself to be a Little Khaan .. not the GREAT KHAAN shown above!

The final-touch to my Mongolian name comes from the Mongolian word baatar which is pronounced as you would say .. “I mixed up some pancake batter.”

In Mongolia the word baatar is a multi-faceted word that is used like we use adjectives in conjunction with the names of people .. places .. animals.

The National Capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar. A prominent city and province in the North of Mongolia on the International Border with Russia is Sukhbaatar .. There was a man named Damdin Sukhbaatar .. there were fictional characters Orkon Baatar and ‘For Baatar ‘. I cannot find documentation but I have been told that the word baatar also can be used to mean a warrior.

So to my name Kan I have added the Mongolian word baatar ..

Thus I am .. giggling and smiling all the time .. 5. Kanbaatar ..

Now I want to explain my first and my life-long original ‘nickname’ of 1. Cap. My given first name is Stewart. My maternal grandmother was Janet Stewart. So my first name is her maiden name. She married a Casey. Talk about a little Scotch-Irish blood running in my veins.

When I was two weeks old I was crying due to severe colic. In response to my crying .. my father said to my mother .. “What does our little 2. Captain want?” .. and I became their Little Captain .. later Cappy .. and finally just Cap. Only one human being .. my maternal grandmother .. has used my name Stewart commonly. In the formal world of course I am Stewart.

Onward to 3. Bobba Caps and 4. Baba Kaps.

This journey of Bobba and Baba begins with a (tongue-in-cheek) spiritual seeker ‘Gimmesome Roy’ a young man made famous by the children’s poet Shel Silverstein. In his poem .. ‘The Search for the Perfect High’.. Shel’s spiritual seeker Gimmesome Roy goes to Nepal to seek spiritual advice from the famous Guru Baba Fats.

I became so amused with .. and intrigued by .. Baba Fats that in early 1991 I decided to establish a writer’s name of  4. Baba Kaps. I also use 3. Bobba Caps.

The word Baba is Hindi in origin and is used to address an elder male whom one holds in high regard. When a beggar man in my beloved India looks up at me from his place on the sidewalk in one of the Indian cities and looking-me-in-the-eye mutters the word ‘Baba’ I can not refuse his request for a rupee or two or even ten. In Hindi or in sanscrit, the letter ‘C’ is replaced by the letter ‘K’ .. thus Cap becomes Kap. So it is properly Baba Kaps not Baba Caps.

Where does the word Bobba originate?

This is simple. Say the word Baba to yourself. The word Baba sounds to me like I am saying Bobba. So until I began to learn the Hindi language I was thinking people were calling me Bobba.

When I write about Bobba and the Bobbsey’s I mean myself (Bobba) and all of my traveling items which I call the Bobbsey’s after the Bobbsey Twins books of the 1930’s. So my Bobbseys and myself are the Bobbsey Twins.

I can’t speak for you BUT I AM HAVING FUN .. IN FACT I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE as I began my walk into my eightieth (80th) year ..

IF I can .. So TOO can each and every single one of you ..

Smiles and Joy .. Cap .. Captain .. Bobba Caps .. Baba Kaps .. Kanbaatar .. but never Stewart.

Rickshaw man

This photo was taken in Calcutta with one of my favorite bicycle rickshaw men. I met him late one night in a dark alley when he pleaded with me .. “Baba .. I really need a fare Baba.” The proper and actually generous fare was 20 Indian Rupees.  When I slipped him a 100 Indian Rupee Bill he melted before-my-eyes.

Lord God .. To Feel Good Do Good !!


Press Publish Captain ..


Post Script .. In replying below to Patti’s comment I wrote :

I suddenly find it interesting that beginning in India in 1991 (Baba and Bobba) and now Mongolia 2015 (Kanbaatar) It has seemingly been important for me to find a name that really ‘bonds’ me to these two countries. THAT is indeed interesting.

2 thoughts on “SEP 12, 15 .. MY SIX (COUNT THEM) NAMES ..

  1. Patti

    Thank goodness for the “staples” that are getting you through … instant soup, popcorn, and the ever-favorite health food bars, Snickers, as well as keeping up with your liquids. And then there has been the addition in Mongolia of that great looking dark, healthy bread…looks yummy. Speaking of yummy, that fits for your bacon potato salads you have discovered. Got a kick out of your explaining all of your names. Of course, the majority of people I know, who know you, simply call you CAP. You are obviously having fun with life … giggle on! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Actually my food plan is not all that bad. The instant noodles are certainly not going to cause me any problems. The roughage of the popcorn is great. So far I have NEVER EVER eaten more than one of the mini-Snickers at a time. In fact it has always been hours between them. I do not eat them as a snack. The bread is just out-of-this-world. The outings to get the potato salads which I now CRAVE are also oh-so very pleasant.

      The name I paid the most attention to of course was Kanbaatar since it is such a new (two months) name for me. All of the others are several (Baba and Bobba) or eight decades (Cap and Captain and Stewart) in their development.

      This is what I should add to the post. I suddenly find it interesting that beginning in India in 1991 (Baba and Bobba) and now Mongolia 2015 (Kanbaatar) it has seemingly been important for me to find a name that really ‘bonds’ me to these two countries. THAT is indeed interesting.

      Thank You with Love .. Cap ..

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