When I went to bed last night, all I knew was that Mike and I were going to be picked up at 8:30am this morning and that we would be driven to a meeting.

I should have suspected that something-was-up when Mike’s lady friend Lida (Lee Daah) knocked at our door and came into our room about 8:10am.

In the final analysis, Sergey in Irkutsk ..

And Mike, Sergey’s long-time-friend, are the driving force behind-the-scene(s) here in Russian Siberia.

The REAL KINGPIN to all of this is Deegi in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It was Deegi who contacted Sergey in Irkutsk back in the autumn of 2015 and suggested to Sergey that he invite me to Irkutsk. It was also with Deegi and her husband that I went to Ulan-Ude here in Russian Siberia back in August of 2017. Further, it was Deegi who arranged with and introduced me to Happy (who’s apartment in Ulaanbaatar I consider my home in Mongolia).

I came to Kyzyl with Mike because Mike knows that Lida has been active in the ‘Kyzyl recovery community’ for something like 10-years now. Lida has taken wet-drunks off the street into her home. Lida has successfully resurrected some of them from-the-dead and gotten them back-on-their-feet. I’ve met some of them. When Mike told Lida about our working together, Lida jumped at the opportunity to host us here in Kyzyl.

So when we got to Kyzyl, Lida took over from Mike and became THE Force Behind The Scenes here.

So out and off we went on a Thursday morning the 13th of Decemer 2018.

I was absolutely shocked when we embarked upon a 1-1/2 hour, 125-kilometer (77-mile) drive.

Lida (Lee Daah) is a full-figured woman who must sit in the front seat due to her size. So I sat in the back seat with Mike and a lady from the Kyzyl treatment center that has taken Mike and me under-their-wing.

And here-we-are. I can’t find it on Google Maps. Six of the characters I recognize. ШАГ?НАР. I do not recognize the middle character. It looks like a square letter O to me. The P is weak too but I do recognize it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


We pulled up in front of the below building about 10:30am and exited our automobile.

Then, as if by pure magic, ‘our very own’ Shaman appeared out-of-nowhere and blessed us.

Notice-if-you-will (giggle .. how can you miss it ) that ‘our very own’ Shaman is attached to a cell phone.

Below with Lida. He stays at Lida’s home when he is in Kyzyl.

I don’t quite know what to think about all of the Christmas decorations appearing all over this part of Russia.

He certainly looks to be an excellent, happy, and most jovial Santa Claus.

Two panoramic views (both ‘pan’ from left to right) from the above building looking down upon ШАГ?НАР.

And from the other side of the building.

Then (suddenly) Mike said to me, “It’s time for our meeting Cap.”

Assumption : I assumed that ‘our meeting’ was with a group of recovering people.  

As I bent down to pick up my backpack Mike stopped me and said :

“Cap you won’t need our A.A. books and notes.” as he muscled my backpack away from me.

When I entered ‘our meeting room’ I thought to myself :


The next-thing-I-knew I was standing at the above podium, looking at the above and below groups of people. In the below photo, with her hands on her lap, Lida is sitting almost dead-center in the front row. The two empty chairs on Lida’s right are the chairs where Mike and I were sitting. The lady in red at the end of the row is the staff member who accompanied us down to ШАГ?НАР.

“Good morning! My name is Кап and I will begin by offering you a sincere apology for being so very late to arrive here at this meeting. I was born in 1936 and it has taken me 82-years to get here! But I am soooo very happy to be here. I am from the United States and I live in Alaska. Alaska was once a part of Russia so I feel like I am returning home to our Mother Country!”

Sports Fans .. Ladies and Gentlemen .. Girls and Boys .. I had no idea whatsoever as to what I was supposed to say.  It turns out this was primarily a City Council meeting of sorts.

“I am a member of … ” and off I went for about 20-minutes. Then I fielded a fair number of excellent questions.

In the below photo .. Straight ahead of you, in the very back, is a tall, balding gentleman with a prominent black moustache. On his left is a short-haired young man in a long sleeved red sweater.

I thought the above balding gentleman with the black moustache was going to fall off his chair he was so intensely looking at / studying me / and smiling all during my talk. When I wrapped things up, I went up the near side of the room, walked to the back, then walked to the left and, approaching him, I firmly shook his hand and said “Спасибо!” (Spasibo the Russian word for Thanks). When you’re giving a talk, all you ever need is one person who is locked onto you. You then talk to that one person. Oddly, when I speak, I seem to have more than one person who locks onto me but this gentleman was exceptional.

I don’t know what-it-is but they certainly treated me well. After we were finished with questions, the Chairman came up to me, we warmly embraced, then I prompted him to do a double-handed high-five hand-slap. Everyone loved it.


Snacks and some fellowshipping.

Lida / ‘our very own’ Shaman / Mike.

‘Our very own’ Shaman pointing to where he lives in the ШАГ?НАР area.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


We then drove to an entirely different building.

It turned out that this second building is the hospital for the city of ШАГ?НАР.


It was around 12-noon lunch time. I mean we had just eaten the below light snacks in the other building.

I was not hungry. But there before us was more food.

Let me tell all of you, your Captain devoured all of the orange and apple slices.

“Time for another meeting Cap.”

Now I know how those on The Vaudeville Circuit must have felt! Another city. Another show.

The below gentleman and I ‘bonded’ over our two canes each having multiple feet.

Our show seemed to really play well here in ШАГ?НАР. 

Members of the medical staff asked that we do a group photo. In the below photo, straight ahead, do all of you see ‘our very own’ Shaman (acting up) in the back row?

Oops. Someone slipped into the photos. Directly behind me (in the blue) in these two photos is a patient.

Mike who was in the ER in Kyzyl just yesterday afternoon with heart problems certainly looks just a bit ‘tired’.

In the above photo, directly in front of me, on top of my blue-zipper-folio, do you see some of ‘our very own’ Shaman’s things?

Fellowshipping with ‘our very own’ Kyzyl Shaman.

He is all-business as he prepares for his dance.

The feathers he wears on his head.

His drum.

A ‘sneak’ preview just for me.

Shaman Showtime!

Close up photo of his ‘mask’.

I was not too comfortable with the fire aspect of his dance.

Hot embers in a bowl on the table beside me.

When he twirls and spins his costume makes rattling noises.

Individual blessings for those who wanted it.

Some photos of the hospital.

Registration area.

Some very pleasant corridors.

Some older interior corridors.

Several exterior views.

The below poster was too funny. I’m not sure that I-get-it.


Before we left we had our third mini-meal here in ШАГ?НАР.

As before (at lunch) I devoured the orange and apple slices.

Home again to Kyzyl!

I wonder IF tomorrow, Friday the 14th of December will be a quiet day for yours truly.

Only time-will-tell.

Smiles .. Cap

Thank You My Dear One for proof-reading this lengthy Post.


  1. Patti Boone

    Another VERY FULL day for my dear one. Not many people may understand the energy you put into standing before groups of people and delivering your message. I do, and I marvel at your stamina and dedication. You are reaching a lot of people, some of whom get your message and others who may get parts of it. We aim for the ones who get it! It was obviously another long day. Nice to see the Shaman back on the scene. Just a little cleaning up of the post; for such a lengthy post, you did VERY well. Smiles, love. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      You of all people know, that before I booked and paid for my air fare to come back to Asia, I had carefully assessed my capabilities to DO this. And when I made the decision to return, in my own mind, I was as ready as I ever would be in his lifetime to undertake this endeavor.

      Frankly, to be honest, I am surprised at how good I am feeling and how much stamina is arising from within me on a daily basis as all of these events unfold before me.

      I AM JUST FEELING (at least this instant at this writing) SO GOOD AND SO VERY POSITIVE about everything, even about the Meeting From Hell last Sunday.

      I did not mis-read either the message nor the feeling within me that I was being ‘called’ to come here.

      Thank YOU yet again for all of your interest and support. YOU too may soon be here experiencing all (well some of it) of this. I haven’t mentioned things like we had eight flights of stairs to climb up to get to the top floor of the first (administrative) building. We had to change from one room to another because the first room was far too cold to endure for the patients in their light clothing. WE all had our outdoor clothing ON. I don’t think you would have enjoyed that. Said smiling with you.

      Love and Hugs and .. Won’t it be interesting to see what lies ahead in the immediate upcoming days? I can’t wait to see what more will be revealed. Cap

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